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Has anyone here shown crack when wearing low rise jeans before?馃槪馃槪馃槪

So since im recently into the y2k style ive been trying to get my hands on low rise jeans馃槑... and just when i am running out of thrift shops a good friend of mine is able to hook me up with a really cute pair of low rise jeans thst originally belonged to her cousin 4 free馃槂

so today i tried them out and not only is it so tight it literally feels like a 2nd layer of skin, it is also so low rise that not only do i show much of my pelvis when standing, a huge portion of my crack also pokes out whenever i sit or squat馃槴

Howeer when i tell her my crack will show she blew it off and told me that its normal to show crack when wearing low rise jeans and ill get used to it in no time plus i look super cute in those jeans...馃槄

ive also asked my bf about it and he says i look super hot in low rise jeans馃槄, however i kinda hav a lowkey feeling that he wants to see me show crack lol馃ゴ

tbh i'm quite used to showing skin already but ive never shown my crack before...馃槙 I also hate showing my undies so id much rather show my crack if i hav to wear jeans this low馃様, so has anyone here shown crack when wearing low rise jeans before? what is it like? do u get used to it eventually?馃馃馃

edit: dont u love it when this site labels posts as adult and fetish when ure just asking for fashion advice lol馃槀馃槀馃槀
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What is it with you and low rise clothing? This seems to be a common trend in your posts. Is it a fetish? 馃
lisasweety18-21, F
[@1077412,Infobot] no im just recently getting into y2k style, thats why i also ask about y2k scene girl hairstyle too lol馃槄馃槄馃槄, sorry if it makes u think this is a fetish, perhaps ill post less about this topic in the future if u think so lol馃槈
Strongtea18-21, M
I kinda don鈥檛 like the crack showing thing so much, but I really like the y2k style! Looks so cool!
lisasweety18-21, F
[@1162798,Strongtea] yea im trying to get into the y2k style recently lol, in fact some of my friends have already gone full blown y2k馃榿
missanongirl22-25, F
Yes I have, that鈥檚 why I mainly wear high waisted
mad20503931-35, M
wear a nice thong to cover your crack and post a pic for us lisa
spearot3231-35, T
I remember when these got real popular. It's were I first heard the term "Whale Tale", and I kinda think that was the point to show off you were wearing a thong or nothing at all. I remember a LOT of girls would have a jacket/sweater with them that they could tie around their waste to prevent flashing someone. I don't own a pair, but sure wish I had the body to pull the look off.
I wear low rise jeans and my buttcrack shows almost always
Sometimes more and less but i got used to it so u will too
And on girls this looks quite sexy when their crack or thong is showing a bit

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