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Where can you find low-rise underwear??

So since y2k style is returning I've been digging low rise jeans recently and omg are they hard to find nowadays馃槶馃槶馃槶 In fact it actually took me several weeks and great effort just to hunt down several pairs of them in thrift stores but in the end it's all worth it since they are all legit low rise馃槉馃槉馃槉 However all of my underwear now poke high above my jeans and it just feels weird lol and tbh I'd rather be showing skin than my undies, but there's a problem and that is I can't find low-rise underwear anywhere, so any good suggestions on where to find low-rise underwear y'all?? 馃馃馃
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lovelywarpedlemon26-30, F
Everywhere. You can literally find low rise underwear at every single store that sells underwear that I've been in for the last twenty years. It never went out of style. Low rise jeans never really went out of style either and can be found in almost any store that sells junior size clothing.
[@1184564,lisasweety] I've only ever had the problem with undies showing on low rise jeans if the undies weren't really low rise. Usually, if the underwear package says "low rise" I don't have an issue. Though I don't wear that style of underwear anymore since it irritates my c-section scar, but when I do underwear shop I am super irritated by the fact that most of the underwear in there is low-rise and I have a hard time finding underwear that is not.

If you can't find legitimately low rise underwear you can always resort to double-sided fashion/clothing tape. It's very cheap and is designed for keeping undergarments lined up with regular clothing so that they don't show.
lisasweety18-21, F
[@1111270,CleverFunnyNameGoesHere] does the clothing tape thing also work with skinny jeans that are very tight??
[@1184564,lisasweety] in theory
It seems like you can find it everywhere. Bombas, Allbirds, carry them.
I love that low cut style
mad20503931-35, M
go commando!!
lisasweety18-21, F
[@122196,mad205039] if ur female then ull know that its very uncomfortable to do so in jeans馃槄
mad20503931-35, M
[@1184564,lisasweety] lol and unsanitary also i believe but fashion has a price...i mean what guy would wear 6" heels

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