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I Am Annoyed By Negative People

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i think,most would agree,that negative people,aren't pleasant,to be around,and are usually rude.for example,saying i should/need to lower my voice,when i am not taking to them,and feel,my voice,is somewhat monitored,for location,i am at.
people that are/seem negative,often seem unhappy,and get quite frustrated,for no reason--least to others,passing by.this gets annoying to have to listen to,fairly quickly.
today,had a disagreement,with someone,i was chatting with.i told them i would appreciate it,if they did something-has to do appearance,and why i felt strongly about it/is important to me,in good detail.they quickly said no without seeming to think about/understand what i was trying to say/had just typed. i tried to reason with them/present idea as fair-try this once,if u/they don't like it,i promise,not to mention it again. i also shared my personal story,regarding topic/issue,but did not,do what i intended it to.ugh!
the person,at 1 point,thanked for understanding,why they were declining what i wanted-even passionate about.i realized,i only kinda understood,but wouldn't push things any further.then,knew,i still had questions,which led to latest block.i didn't have any bad intemt about this,and don't believe anyone should be closed-minded about things like this,as i see no reason,ro be,in serious relationship,or not.
some of u know what request-or whatever u want to call it-i mention is.i decided it was best to keep that vague here,but would appreciate any feedback.
31-35, M
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Oct 23, 2018

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I Am Annoyed By Negative People
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