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I Am Enjoying Being A Muslim
To all people of other faiths/beliefs who seek after the truth, I invite you to read the Quran with pure heart, free from prejudices and true intention to follow the right path to our Lord.

I have learned that one should say "Peace!" to those who shout their hatred for one's being and presence or at one's passage. Religion is never more tested than when our emotions are ablaze. At such a time, the timeless grandeur of the Law and its ethics stand at our mercy.

Islam taught me that it takes all of the religious, political, economic, psychological, and racial ingredients, or characteristics, to make the Human Family and the Human Society complete. More than 1.6 billion of world's population are Muslims. We follow the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed (may peace be upon him). We are members of the brotherhood of Islam in which all are equal in rights, dignity and self-respect. Consequently, we have a special and a very deep sense of unity.

The Quran sought to reform, not to destroy and start from scratch, to salvage what was useful and then to modify and build on it. The task was to get the people to think about religion in a novel way, to inculcate in them a new conceptual frame of reference, to transfer them from one worldview to another, and higher, one. This process of transformation took them from traditionalism to individualism, from impulsiveness to discipline, from supernaturalism to science, from intuition to conscious reasoning and, in the end, ideally, harmonized the whole.

[big]An excellent English translation of the Quran in the link below. Feel free to read it if you want[/big]
Newport5022-25, M
Thanks for sharing.May Allah Reward you.
I'm waiting for the movie 馃槉
Greenbare70-79, M
pianoplayingsteve26-30, M
@Madeleine: Yes, and they all think that Muslims of other sects are wrong/corrupted.
Madeleine41-45, F
@pianoplayingsteve: What is the difference between the two?
Greenbare70-79, M
Yes. Islam is the greatest evil ever to enslave mankind.
A religion that is only known for killing people, no thanks.
Madeleine41-45, F
@pianoplayingsteve: Exactly, those two aspects are absent because of the absence of Islam.
pianoplayingsteve26-30, M
@Madeleine: I think we misunderstand each other. What is it that we "see in most muslim world"?
Madeleine41-45, F
@pianoplayingsteve: Lack of development in some areas.
why not eh? I am a Christian and see nothing wrong with being Muslim
or Morrom
Madeleine41-45, F
@Polarbare99: It's personal.
@Madeleine: okay fair enough I won't ask anything more on the subject
what do you like doing in your spare time other than internet
Madeleine41-45, F
@Polarbare99: I enjoy cooking, for one.
nevergiveup61-69, M
have read our holy bible
Madeleine41-45, F
@pianoplayingsteve: It doesn't have to come from the Bible if some crazy person decides to kill in the name of his religion, and in this case Christianity.

The same logic goes for crazy so-called-Muslims who commit crimes in the name of Islam. They don't take that from the Quran, yet people accuse Islam of being violent.

Stop your double standards!

Where did I get that holocaust was done in the name of Christianity?
It's from Wikipedia:
pianoplayingsteve26-30, M
@Madeleine: So, Hitler killed millions whilst Jesus didn't, but he did it based on Christianity. You claim that is based on christianity, whilst muslims killing in the same disgusting manner that muhammed did isn't islamic. YOU are the one with double standards. Jesus killed no one, Muhammed killed thousands, I'm sorry to say but those are the facts.
Madeleine41-45, F
@pianoplayingsteve: No, I respectfully disagree.

1. I did not claim that Hitler followed Jesus (peace be upon him) in this regard, but he was Christian and killed the Jews, just because they were Jews.

2. I'm Muslim and I follow the teachings of both Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them) and they both came with the same message.

3. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) never slaughtered people like animals, burn them, or ordered his companions to kill themselves in order to kill others. He never broke homes and places of worship. The "thousands" of people you claimed that he "killed" (even though the number is way lower than this) was during wars.. which means killing was done on both sides. So please get your facts right.

4. Those groups who claim to kill in the name of Islam.. kill Muslims more than others. What Islamic teaching justify that?

When a Christian claims to kill in the name of Christianity, you say that he is not following the Bible, but when a Muslim claims to kill in the name of Islam, you say that he is following the Quran. Double Standards!
Martty41-45, M
no, I have the havamal, I have seen more truth than anything else
Madeleine41-45, F
@Fabian: What is the common sense?
Martty41-45, M
truth is not defined by guidelines
Madeleine41-45, F
@Fabian: May you give me an example.
Man198926-30, M
Thanks for sharing.I think reading Quran is single way to know pure Islam in these days,beacause unfortunately you see many extremist groups who destroy truth of Islam
Madeleine41-45, F
Thank you for leaving a comment. I believe it's up to an individual to seek up the truth. People are smart enough to understand that the Islamic teachings come primary from the Quran, and not from the media.

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I Am Enjoying Being A Muslim
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