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God works in Mysterious ways

This is a story I wrote explaining the phenomena of how God works in our lives. (If God was a physical being) We have the tendency to blame God for the things he does (or doesn't do) in our lives but we don't understand the reasons or see what he is working on.

When I was younger, I was made redundant unexpectedly in a job that I loved, I knelt down in complete hopelessness and begged God to give me my job back or make some sense of what had happened, for there was nothing else in life I wanted to do with myself. God responded to my prayer "My child, I cannot give you this job back, but I PROMISE YOU I will let this job lead you to a better one that will give you better opportunities and give you a new passion. Time passed and I eventually landed an amazing job that I fell in love with, I learnt skills and a passion that I didn't think id have.

When I was loosing my father to death, I kneeled down in complete hopelessness and begged God not to take him, for I do not have the strength to go on without him.
God responded to my prayer "My child, your father is being called to Heaven, we cannot change this, it is his time. But I promise you, I WILL grant you with the gift of STRENGTH so you can go on". Time passed, my father left this earth, and somehow, by miracle, I found a strength a didn't know I had, and my life went on and I gained my happiness back.

When I was in a terrible relationship that almost killed me, I knelt down in complete hopelessness and begged God to fix what we had between us. God responded to my prayer "My child, I cannot save your relationship, but I PROMISE YOU I will GRANT you a man who will be better suited to you, he will numb all your pain of your current relationship". Time passed and my toxic relationship ended, I was left feeling numb and confused, until God sent me the man of my dreams and everything suddenly made sense.

When I was depressed for not living the luxury life I always wanted, I knelt down in complete hopelessness and begged God to make me rich and more financially stable. "God responded to my prayer "My child, I cannot make you financially rich, but I PROMISE I will make you rich in other ways". Time went on and God granted me with my first child, I then saw the world in a different light. I was so internally happy and in love that I never longed for materialistic things ever again and became so grateful for my blessings that had made my spirit rich and started to see the WEALTH I did have in my life.

You will not always understand WHY God does the things he does. But just know, he is working on you every single day, and blessing you with what you NEED not what you WANT. You must believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, God has a plan for you he is not neglecting you. For everything bad that happens, God will send you something better than we could ever know.
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Asificair · M
Literal shite!
writingforlife6 · 22-25, F
[@854658,SamtheDog] This does not apply to God I believe. God does not refer to good or bad luck AT ALL and if you believe this then you are truly ignorant about faith.
Asificair · M
[@640848,writingforlife6] your wordy prosletising merely demonstrates naturally occuring events which can be percieved in terms of luck or fortune (either will do), having positive attributes or negative attributes but generally of a "superficially" unexplained nature. Without knowledge of the cause, youre attributing them to an as yet unproven entity. And youre doing this in wilful ignorance of many billions of occurances where faith in your god is absent! It's not a rational well reasoned position.

Edit: no doubt you'll complain to admin and they'll delete my comments again. Confirming the true spectre of right wing Christian nationalism in America. What a shit hole it's become!
writingforlife6 · 22-25, F
[@854658,Asificair] For the record I did not report your comments nor will I. Yes, you are right. The things I give God responsibility for in my life COULD be coincidental or "luck". But when God is in your life and in your heart it changes you and the way you live. It grants you with vision of the world. People who are unhappy in life and lost do not have God in them. You may not believe my experiences with God (You have barely heard the full story) but what about all the miracles of the world and evidence of a higher power? I hope one day you feel Gods love in you.
MissFugger · F
truth 🤗

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