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No point in lecturing me...

I came off my bp meds two weeks ago because I am sick to death of fighting the order line and the surgery whenever I need a refill of this particular drug.

I'm sure that the monthly down/up/down combination of taking my meds, then coming off them, then taking them again is more harmful for me than not taking them at all.

I was on the lowest dose that they could prescribe for high blood pressure anyway, so I'm not missing out on that much. They told me to try coming off my meds a year or two ago, but my bp spiked and I had to go back on them again.

Today, the thing that I married decided that it would be cute to have a go at me for being off my meds. I'm sitting here like "Make them dispense my pills to me when I need them and I would take them - as it is, I don't see the fun in waiting on the phone for half an hour only to either have to fight them for a refill or have them refuse my request. Dummy here is done paying for them to refuse her prescription".

I don't feel too bad not taking them, anyway... it's not like I get bp headaches or anything and I think my tinnitus is about normal for me. I've also stopped hearing my own heartbeat and feeling my own pulse since I came off them.
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MethDozer · M
Why don',t you get a divorce of you hate your husband so much?
Becksta · 36-40
[@521796,MethDozer] No such thing...
MethDozer · M
[@421598,Becksta] One party can't file after a 5 year separation?
Becksta · 36-40
[@521796,MethDozer] I have that option - but technically, it should be him who needs to apply since I would be the deserter in this case. The deserting spouse isn't supposed to be the applying party.

However, his lies have been so frequent and so bad that I would be prepared to lie under oath in order to be free from him once and for all.

In my case though, I will have to formally separate from him before the five years begins to prevent him from surprising me with a nice bill for another tv subscription service while I was gone. He did that to me one Christmas a few years ago.

I was Christmas shopping in the next city over and came home to find that I had signed up for a monthly TV subscription while I was was away - no, I didn't open the door and talk to the rep because I wasn't here to do so.

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