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I Believe In Twin Flames

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I only came here to express the idea that I used to buy into this Bullshit New Age Idea about romantic relationships and then I started to read about how such a belief would actually effect my Romantic experience and I began to question everything I had sort of flirted with as far as an Idea is concerned.

I'd love it if my Twin flame was really out there but to be honest I feel like people grow on me the same way Songs do occasionally. You know sometimes there's a song you Viscerally hate the first time you hear it nut you end up being exposed so many times eventually you start to enjoy it?

I've gone through that and it's the same with people. I've realized in the due course of time the Flawless Perfect Romantic relationship and lover is just not out there and that even the most wonderful partner I've ever- She's still got flaws.

Lyssa's Paranoid. perhaps with good cause but...

as much as it's felt like coming home and Kismet with her it's not. We made that possible with work.

In truth I've always been sort of annoyed by women with an indirect communication style but somehow I ended up with one and am quiet happy.

anyways it became very all or nothing after awhile and so I'm basically firmly in the Romantic Growth rather than Destiny camp.

I don't want to change relationships like I do pairs of socks hunting the perfect one I don't want to feel like it's Morally OKAY to GHOST somebody just because it's not going to work out.

I don't want to even pretend I'm psychic enough to KNOW it won't work out.

31-35, T
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May 23, 2020
Bluebirdsonmyshoulder · 41-45, F
I love what you said about how beliefs could affect your romantic experiences.That is very true. I think if someone says there’s nobody out there for me, well then that will be the case.

As far as twin flames, they are very real. I am one. At first I thought it was supposed to hold onto the romantic notion of it. It’s not what that’s about at all. It is a nice for it to happen of course, but everything I’ve learned since I’ve figured out that I am one has nothing to do with it. It is mainly about coming to a place of wholeness within yourself. It’s also about helping the energy on the planet but it’s not something one has to really do, because it just is. Call me crazy if you must ;)
[@1117724,Bluebirdsonmyshoulder] listen- my partner makes me feel like I am in the movies- I wonder sometimes even though I was there for all of it how the hell I captivated the attention of somebody so absolutely stunning and who at times is truly a better person than I am. I would smash our enemies into a thousand pieces without any real concern for if they were wheel chair bound or what their issues were and she's always the one telling me no don't she disabled and I know I won't do anything she expressly tells me not to....

I have never in my entire life even though i've been in love felt this way about anyone and she frightens me sometimes but....

Even still- she's not flawless and we're not even a perfect match.

i gave up on this idea after awhile- It is a childish fantasy.

It really is, it's nice to believe there's somebody perfect out there a perfect match like our souls were spliced in two and there's another half of me somewhere out there waiting to find me...

Ohhh how wonderful it would be to meet her...

but she's not actually out there- No one is a perfect match to anyone else.

Perfection is a myth.

And beliefs will effect what actions you take.....
[@1117724,Bluebirdsonmyshoulder] gracie for instance can thank her lucky stars my partner has a soft spot for the physically disabled because I don't I am mentally disabled and if lyssa hadn't of explicitly told me not to escalate things further with her after she screamed at her for several hours over our little argument and insinuated I was pussy whipped and lys was just dragging me along and I mean if I could find her I'd probably slash the wheels on her vehicle and key her car or something if I ever was in town to do it.

But Alyssa has basically expressly forbid me from messing with her in spite of all the Drama she kicked up.....

... Truly better person than me.

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