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I Had a Good Day

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[b][big]Plague Diary[/big][/b]

[i]37 The Eve of Spain 23 May 2020[/i]

Oh god! Another day of clouds and rain. The sun occasionally poking two fingers through the clouds to remind us of how nice it could be.

And a day with a lot to do.

A long shopping list of all the ingredients for the tapas dishes I mentioned last night. Plus for the gazpacho that so many of you suggested. It does look like a simple thing to make. And my food blender can do some work for once.

I up get early. I decide we should do the shopping first, to ensure we can get everything we will need.

We shower, breakfast and dress for the inclement weather. Wrapped up against cold and wet.

It is not pleasant to be out, but we are grateful that we can do it. Masks are awkward in the rain, as they get wet and are a bit more difficult to breathe through.

Our expedition takes us to five different shops before get all the ingredients we need, plus a bottle of Rioja and a fino sherry. We cannot find any sherry vinagre, so a red wine vinagre will have to do.

We are tempted to stop for a coffee, but the thought of sitting under a dripping umbrella, trying to keep the rain from weakening our espressos, soon puts paid to that idea.

Back in the apartment, first thing is to change into some dry clothes. Put our wet things straight into the washing machine. Then dress again and put away the shopping. I am going to make the gazpacho later, let it chill overnight in the fridge, so we leave those ingredients out.

Oksana makes coffee, which is very welcome.

We are quite cold, so I heat up a little vegetable soup for lunch. And yes, it is shop bought, from a tub, but very tasty nevertheless, and the list of ingredients shows no rubbish. We have the soup with crusty rolls and butter.

When we have eaten and taken a twenty minute rest to help digestion, it is time to look after the apartment.

This week, I do the bed while Oksana cleans the bathroom and kitchen area. I vacuum the rugs in the bedroom and living area.

Once everything is neat and clean again, and the apartment is never really dirty or untidy, we relax for a while. I make more coffee.

For supper I make an omelette. When we are finished, Oksana reads while I make the gazpacho. It is not too difficult and the final product tastes okay.

I put it in the fridge to chill and joined Oksana in our living area. We check the news feeds to the day.

One of our members of the Verkhovna Rada, our parliament, was found shot dead in his office today. A gun was found beside his body, but police are treating it as a murder staged as a suicide. What scandal will they uncover? Or cover up?

After this, we just shower and go to bed.
18-21, F
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May 23, 2020
SirfurryanimalWales61-69, M
Is being a politician dangerous in Ukraine?

Just looked at the Kyiv forecast and it seems you may be in for a馃尀daybut it will feel like Winter.And you won鈥檛 like the weather for parcel delivery...
Enjoy the trip to Spain..馃嚜馃嚫
Baccara are Spanish

And you can鈥檛 have a Spanish evening without dancing to the Summer hit of 1981
I just love the sun giving you the fingers....lmao. A bit like being fucked by the fickle finger of fate.

Although our seasons are complete opposites....our current weather is very very similar cold, wet, glimpses of sun, cold winds....winter is trying to grab us....summer finding it hard to connect to you.

Glad you managed to get all the shopping done for Spanish night.

House cleaning is the same the world over....never ending even if it is clean cleaning.

Have the plague diaries crossed over into the war stories......I wonder. Likely suicide they say...but murder not ruled out yet. They did say something profound after the body was found.....apparently it was a [b]fatal[/b] gunshot. Go figure...fatal really.
sarabee199522-25, F
[@521524,KiwiBird] It is possible that someone would be found dead with a gunshot wound that was superficial and not fatal, in which case, something else killed them. Right? 馃
[@1360,sarabee1995] Poisoned Umbrellas.....anything is possible.
sarabee199522-25, F
[@521524,KiwiBird] 馃槈
sarabee199522-25, F
Thank you for another peek into your life Yulia. And I will try to send you some sunshine!

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