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I Write About My Experience As A Prostitute
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'A Pros Life :- Chapter 5 : Sex In The City' Part 3

A Prostitute's Life - ‘Chapter 5 : Sex In The City’
by Ms. Samantha Josephine Duponte

[i]What you are about to read - you will be surprised to
learn - is true. A lot of my friends have said that my
life would make an interesting movie so, well, I took
their advice and wrote about it. Here is a slice of my
life. Writer's note : I wrote this back in 2002 for the
Experience Project (EP), back in the day.[/i]

My second week at the brothel was very different to my
first. I had noticed that at certain times of the day the girls
would leave me and go into another room with Leyroy. I thought
that it was some sort of group meeting. Well, it was, but not the
type that I had thought it would be...

It started off the same. The drugs, condoms and cigarettes to
start the day off, then the first flood of punters. I liked the
smack but really adored taking the coke. That became my drug of
choice. Banging the punter's brains out was fine with me. It was my
job and my life....

11am and there was a lull in punters and a 'meeting' was
called. This time, I was allowed to attend. The girls scurried
along into a room and I tailed behind. Leyroy was there in front
of us.

[i]"Well tarts, you've done well so far today for me. Keep up
all the fuckin' and we'll be on target to get a lot of cash. Then
I can get you all some more 'slut clothes' ,ok?"[/i] he started.

He put a small molehill's worth of coke on a plate for us
to snort up and we, one by one bent over the plate to snort some
up. When it came to my turn I took a good bit more than I suppose
I should. Within minutes I was buzzing! Leyroy smiled as I took my
hit, obviously aware that I was well into the drug lifestyle.

Leyroy beckoned over Debbie and she stepped forward.

[i]"Who am I slut?"[/i] he barked.

[i]"You're my boss."[/i] she answered.

[i]"What are you?"

"I'm your whore."

"What do you do for me, slut?"

"I fuck punters for you. I make you money by using my body. I
fuck anyone you ask me to."

"Good, slut, real good. Now get on your back and I'm gonna fuck

"Thank you"[/i] she answered.

Debbie gave her lit cigarette over to Colleen as she got on
the floor and raised her skirt for Leyroy. Leyroy pulled down his
trousers, showing off his big, thick member. He roughly entered her
vagina and thrust away, without using a condom, on his #1
whore. While he was banging her brains out, Debbie whimpered. The
rest of the girls cheered him on, saying things like [i]'..fuck the
bitch...', '...shag her senseless..' ,..bang the old slapper..'[/i] and
calling her a 'slag' and a 'slut'. I was shocked. Leyroy looked up
and noticed that I wasn't joining in but he went back to work on
his girl. Within minutes he'd cum up her. He pulled out of her
and, as she was on her knees, put his cum slick penis to her
lips. Debbie dutifully licked it clean. Then she was allowed to
stand up whereupon she thanked him and took her cigarette back
off of Colleen and took a huge drag.

[i]"That was good, slut. Real good. Well done my #1 whore."[/i]

Debbie flashed a huge grin to us all and thanked him. A few
minutes of small talk passed by before Leyroy asks his half
sister, Cathy to join him in a fuck session on the floor before
us. Same as before, she had to call him the 'boss', her
'owner'. Same as before he rode her hard and rode her long. Whilst
he shagged her I could hear him say to her [i]'.how does that
feel, my 'lil' slut sis?'[/i].At only 15 years old, Cathy was an old
hand at whoring for her step brother. Of all of us, she was the
only one that couldn't really handle the drugs that Leyroy plied
on us all. I took to them like a duck to water but Cathy? She
spent half her time staggering around.

Like before the other girls called and shouted abuse at
Cathy as she did her 'duty' of being a fuck toy for her
brother. When Leyroy pumped the last of his semen into her already
well used hole, he pulled out as she got to her feet and shimmied
her red PVC mini down to a more respectable length. He face
glowed with a strange mixture of pride, shame and excitement as
she joined us.

[i]"Right. Get out there whores and make me some money!"[/i] Leyroy

We turned to leave.

[i]"Samantha, you stay here."[/i] he said. I stayed as the others
snaked there way out. When the door was shut there was only
myself and Leyroy. He came over towards me.

[i]"What's with you, slut?"[/i] he asked.

[i]"What?" [/i]I asked.

[i]"You not joining in, bitch. I don't think that you
understand. I own you. You're my whore."
I was gobsmacked! He slapped me hard in the face. I was so
frightened that I went quiet.

[i]"Who am I?"[/i] he shouted. Again, no joy from me. He punched me
hard in the stomach. I fall to the floor ,gasping for breath. Leyroy towers
over me.

[i]"I SAID, WHO AM I, SLUT?"[/i]

[i]"'re my b..b..boss." [/i]I answer. He slapped me again
hard in the face.

[i]"One more time bitch! Just who am I?"[/i]

Crying I told him that he was my boss. He smiled then slapped
me again.

[i]"Don't you fuckin' forget it, Sam."[/i] he shouted.

[i] "What are you?"

"I'm your whore."

"..and what do you do for me, slut?"

"I fuck punters for you .You're my pimp. I sell sex for you. I
go with who you tell me to and make you money."[/i] I meekly answer.

[i]"Spot on. God, you're worse than that fuck slut of a mother of
yours. I broke her and I'll break you too. She knew what she was
gettin' you into. Now if I want to fuck you I will, y'know? When I
fuck the others I want to hear you join in the celebration too. If
you don't then you'll get more of the same. Do I make myself


"Well get the fuck out of my sight and make me some
money, whore."[/i] he snapped.

I did what was asked of me and left. I cleaned myself up and
joined the rest of the girls. We worked for a few more hours
before Leyroy called us all together again. This time, the fuck toy
was me...

I'll never forget. Whilst he was having me, dry humping me, he
excitedly told the crowd ...

[i] "I fucked your mum, she's my whore. I'm fucking you and you're
my whore. When she's old enough I'm gonna fuck Martika and make
her my whore .What about that, slut?"[/i]

Through gritted teeth I agreed. Sue smiled and the other girls
got back to their chanting and calling me a 'slut', 'fuck
toy', 'slapper' and 'bitch'.Leyroy was right; after only a few
short months I had accepted my fate of being pimped out by this
bastard. I was his whore all right, and I fucked long and hard
for my boss. I was 'Leyroy's Bitch #5' but I still had my spirit. I
wasn't like Debbie, the whore from Leeds, who was extremely proud
of being 'his'. Sue was beginning to go the same way too. She
liked having Leyroy as her pimp.

[i]'Well, Leyroy got his wish, I suppose...'[/i] I thought to myself
as I was doing my 14th and final punter of the night. Martika was
a whore. Maybe not his, but a whore all the same. My vagina
throbbed and burned with all the sex that I had, as my punter
finished and pulled out.

The car was just parked up the road from my pickup so it
didn't take long to get out, complete with another
used condom, and get to my spot .I saw a car's headlights flash and
I went on over. It was Karen's car. Getting to the window I saw
her. I got in and kissed her on the cheek.

[i]"I thought that it was you up there."[/i] she said.

[i]"At last, I've seen you at work!"[/i] she continued.

[i]"You like?"[/i] I ask.

[i]"You make a lot of fuckin' noise when you bonk, don't you?"[/i]
Karen said.

[i] "What can I say?"[/i] I begin, smoke streaming from my mouth out
into the car [i]"..slut's make noise!"[/i] I smile at her.

As we set off, back to Derby, Karen told me that she had been
out there a short while waiting for me. She got out to stretch
her legs for a bit and got propositioned by some punter!!

End Of Pt 3



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