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'A Pros Life :- Chapter 5 : Sex In The City' Part 2

A Prostitute's Life - ‘Chapter 5 : Sex In The City’
by Ms. Samantha Josephine Duponte

[i]What you are about to read - you will be surprised to
learn - is true. A lot of my friends have said that my
life would make an interesting movie so, well, I took
their advice and wrote about it. Here is a slice of my
life. Writer's note : I wrote this back in 2002 for the
Experience Project (EP), back in the day.[/i]

He asks me who our 'friend' is. Karen introduces herself. I
tell Toni that she's my girlfriend. We chat and drink coffee
for two or so hours. Toni seems very interested in Karen. Wanting
to know of what she knows of my life 'on the game'. I think that
he was wondering how she could still be my girlfriend knowing
that I was a prostitute. He, after all, left me because of my
involvement in the lifestyle...I glance at the living room
clock. It's getting late. I tell Toni that it's time for us to
make our move. He nods his head and asks if I'm working in Derby

[i]"No luv, Nottingham's best on a Sunday night. Get more
cock. Make more money."[/i] I answer in between exhaling smoke and
stubbing out my cigarette. Karen looks shocked. We say our
goodbyes and leave.

The drive over to Nottingham's red light district takes a
short while. We're in no hurry. On the way over, Karen lights me up
another cigarette, taking a drag of it before passing it on to
me. God, she's every lesbian's wet dream..and she's all mine! We
get to my spot. I inform Karen that she can pick me up at
midnight. She gives me a passionate kiss and I get out. I wave her
off as she drives away and start my 'working' night....

I see my mate Rose. She trolls over to me and I offer her a
cigarette. She accepts and I light both her and myself up. I ask
her if she's done 'anything' yet. Rose tells me she's just done a

Rose is in her 40's and she's been a friend of mine for 7
years or so. She's cool. Rose has long blonde hair, neatly
coiffured and held together with slides and grips. She's about
5'8" and is wearing a black minidress. Rose's big breasted and a
bit of a heavy drinker.

A car arrives at my feet. Bloody hell, we're off to a
good, quick start tonight! I reel off my prices, slut style, and he
agrees to full sex. Good. He pays up and I get in and we drive down
to a nearby car park and we do the dasty deed. My punter's name
is Pete and he's in his 40's. I've done Pete a few times in the
last couple of months. He likes to fuck slowly but very hard. I
don't mind that. The only downfall is that it takes him longer to
'get off'. The good point is that at least I feel like I've been
shagged at the end of it...

Some 20 minutes later we're all done. Pete is sweating from
the 'exercise' as I tidy myself up. We drive back to my spot and
I put his used condom, as per usual, into my handbag, before I
thank him, kiss him and get out. I troll around for 10 or so
minutes before picking up my next punter. He just wants head and
I take him down to a lonely street to suck him off. He looks at
me with shock as I gently get his erect penis and bring it to my

[i]"What?"[/i] I ask.

[i]" don't use a rubber?"[/i] he hesitantly asks.

[i]"Nah!"[/i] I snap back, grabbing his dick and putting it into my
mouth to give it a workout...

[i] "Bloody hell! I thought that you had to pay extra for that!"[/i]

I stop sucking and take his dick out to reply that this is
how I give head. I begin again.

[i]"The other tarts make me use a rubber!"[/i]

I resume to give him my expert blow job; licking and
slurping, drawing him down deep as I do so. Within minutes he cums
down my empty throat and I gobble the lot down. I suck his cock
bone dry. I remove his spent penis from my mouth, pat it gently and
tuck it back into his pants.

[i]"Hey! I'm a slut at heart and slut's don't suck off with a
condom, they swallow the lot!"[/i]

I get to pull another few punters with my vagina before I'm
left to idle away 20 minutes or so with no punters. So what's a
girl to do? I pull out my compact and reapply some powder to my
face then use my mirror to reapply my lipstick and lipgloss
before settling down to light up another 'Silk Cut'. Rose comes
over, half smoked cigarette in hand and we have a chat. I tell her
about the blow job punter that I did. She smirks as the smoke
plumes out of her mouth. Like me, Rose doesn't use a rubber when
she blows a guy off. Us older hooker's generally don't, but the
newer ones? They usually don't do anything without a rubber. We
laugh as we reflect that it's probably our ages!

Carla comes up to us. She's in her mid twenties and has been
selling pussy since she was 14,just like my Martika. She's
sporting a bit of a shiner over her left eye and her nose is

[i]"Can I bum a fag off of either of you two?"[/i] she asks.

I give her one and pass her my cigarette to light her's up
with. She passes mine back to me. She's a bit shaky as she chain
inhale and exhales four or five times.

[i]"What the fuck's happened to you?"[/i] asks Rose.

[i] "I've just been fuckin' robbed. They took my handbag ,my
money, my condoms and my fuckin' fags."[/i] she cries, mascara tears
dripping down her face. [i]"What the fuck am I gonna tell Mike. He'll
be really pissed with me."[/i]

Mike is Carla's pimp. He's run her for a long time. Since
school. He treats her well but makes sure that she works every
night, even when she's 'on'. Carla tells me that he says to her
' long as you've got hands, a mouth and an arse you can
work. So get out there...',meaning you can still wank, suck and
anally fuck a bloke off. She does it all, poor bitch. Still, at least
he keeps her away from drugs....He has been known to smack her
about a little if she doesn't come up with her 'quota'.

She dries her eyes and says that she'll have to keep
working .I ask her how, without rubbers and she says that she'll
have to do it without. Rose and I gasp. Instinctively, we delve into
our handbags and produce a few rubbers each for her .We both
carry more than what we need, so it's no great shakes to give
some out.

As Carla scurries away, desperate for punters, we resume our
chat. I ask Rose about her daughter, Tracey. She says that she's
fine. Like me, Rose is a single parent and recently divorced. Her
husband had only recently, about a year ago, found out about her
life of vice. They were married 20 years before he found that
Rose was selling her cunt out, since she was 18 or so, and like
my situation, once he found out he dumped her.

Unlike my predicament, her daughter, who's 18,doesn't like
what her mum does. She's repulsed by it. She's disassociated
herself from her and lives with her dad. Rose has little or no
contact with her at all. That, I think, is what lead her to start
drinking heavily.

A Car pulls up and I saunter over to the door, my
trenchcoat open and my hand on my hip. With my cigarette
dangling out of the corner of my mouth I stoop at the door and
chat him up. This punter I know. I know most punters, yeah, but
this guy is different. His daughter is Martika's best friend at
school. He looks worried. He's obviously seen me from the parent's
evenings at school and begins to get worried. I tell him not to
and that it will be '...our 'lil secret...' and he agrees to
full sex. I get in and we drive over to the car park. I finish off
my cigarette as he tells me that he had no idea that I was a

[i]"D...d...does your daughter know?"[/i] he asks.

[i]"Yeah she does. She lives with my ex 'cos I'm suppose to be
an 'unfit mother'."[/i] I answer.

[i]"Most mum's don't whore about."[/i]

[i]"Yeah, but I ain't 'most mum's' am I? C'mon, let's get you
off, honey."[/i] I coo back to him.

I exchange seats with my punter so he is sitting in the
passenger's chair. I unzip his fly and take out his erect
penis. He smiles and I smile back. I take a condom from my bag and
open it. Once open I put it seductively in my mouth and lower it
towards my punter's lap. I slowly blow on the condom. Once on, I
lift up my skirt and straddle his lap, easing his penis inside of
me. I slowly ride him, keeping eye contact with him as I pump his
penis in and out of my slit. My hands are resting on his
shoulders as I up the pace, grinding his cock deep inside. My
hands leave his shoulders long enough for me to tease up my hair
and moan in ecstasy.

[i]"You're one hot slapper."

"I know, I try to be. I'm fuckin' you hard, babe."

"Fuck me harder, tart." [/i]he grunts, breathlessly.

[i] "God, I luv it when you talk dirty. You're really gettin' me

For a short while, the only sounds going on are the general
moans and groans from both me and my trick, the clinking and
clanking of my bangles and the creaking of both the leather
seat and my leather trenchcoat that I'm still wearing. This is how
I like my sex. My mind drifts back to my third ever trick. The
one I did 'doggie style'. It sounded the same then. I think about
when I was younger, watching mum at work. She used to light up a
fag as she did this. I decide to do the same.

I reach over to my handbag and get my cigarettes and
lighter. I draw a cigarette from my packet and light up. I blow
the excess smoke sexily out of the side of purple lips before I
put it back between them, dangling from the corner of my mouth, as
I continue to get my bloke off. I move quickly up and down on him
as he calls me all the names under the sun. It only takes a few
more pumps from me before my punter cums, filling his condom with
that gorgeous, creamy liquid that I take as a job well done by
me. I feel his penis wither up inside me and I slowly dismount my
client. He leers at my torn fishnet stockings. He obviously thinks
of me as some low class slut. That's the look that I try to
cultivate. I think that I am getting there!

Although I'm not some brainless bint, I don't mind being
though of as one and used as a fuck toy. If I was from the States
I'd be looked on as 'trailer trash'. Some people think that I was
brought up in the gutter and I really don't mind looking, talking
and acting like I do. I mean, is my nick name 'bucket' or what? I
like it not knowing the names of who I fuck, a nameless cock
filling my trashy cunt. I'll take on all cummers, anybody with
enough dough to give me a workout. Like mother, like daughter...

I shimmy my leopard pint mini dress down to it's more
respectable(?) level and take the condom off of my punter, tie a
knot in it and put it back into my handbag. taking the cigarette
from my lips I exchange places with my partner, getting back into
the passenger's seat.

[i]"You liked that, honey?"[/i] I ask, inhaling again on my

[i]"That was the best fuck I've had in years!"[/i] he answers.

[i]"So your wife's not up to much, eh?" [/i]I say. smiling as I do.

[i]"Errrhhh...that's different. She's not sleazy like you are."

"So you like sleazy sex, eh? That's cool. Thanks for fuckin'

He grins.

[i]"'Thanks for fuckin' me'? No, thanks for fuckin' ME!"[/i] he

[i]"No probs, luv. All in a whore's work!"
"C..c..can I see you again?"[/i] he asks hesitantly.

[i] "Sure luv, I usually work in Derby, Monday through to
Saturday. I'll be out on the streets there. You pick me up when
you can and we can fuck about some more, ok?"[/i]

He nods his head in agreement. Good, another regular on my
books! Once he has tidied himself up we drive back to my 'patch'
and I get out.

I pick up a few more punters, in cars, and service them well.

End Of Pt 2


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AlexaSmilez · 18-21, F
Thank you for sharing .
Tastyfrzz · 56-60, M
I suppose it's really about the regulars. They're probably married and the wives are probably ok with it as long as they don't bring home a disease. IMHOP women typically marry guys for security, not sex. They'd much prefer to cuddle and be valued, thought of as a know the word. Cherished! That's it. Men, I think, mostly just need a hormone surge to reset. It's a need. Not a want. The wives could probably care less as it's not focusing on them and their needs at the moment. Let the men go play and come back and adore them. Especially great as the guys feel guilty and try to cover it up with extra gifts and charm. Not sure if it can be maintained long term.

If people could communicate their feelings without hostility and remain open minded everyone could get what they want. The wives could be adored, the husband's could get sexual relief at will, and the prostitute could have safe regular clients in comfort and know that they are filling a need and not be treated as pariahs.
SammyJo · 51-55, F
[@391032,Tastyfrzz] Hmmmmmmmmm.....I don't know about that. I can only go from my own experiences and my own feelings; I've had plenty of 'cheated on' girls out for my blood or just want a shouting match with me.....and, for me, If I was in a relationship then I would demand fidelity.....there's no fluidity there, it's a fixed point for me...a cornerstone for me to have a relationship with someone else...

However....if it was with a woman...and that other woman happens to be another hooker...then I really wouldn't mind. I have lived with another hooker and we had a good relationship...and neither of us got jealous of the other, y'know?

But...a 'normal' person? They have to not cheat on me...


SJD xx

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