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I Gym Knickers

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Could someone explain “gym knickers” to this American. In my day the girls wore white shirts and short sleeve blouses for gym so they wore white briefs. Is that it?
61-69, M
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Oct 19, 2017
davidstorm · 61-69, CNudity
gym knickers there ar two varieties,they are strait navy blue or navy blue with stripes down from waist to leg hole at either side usually two stripes per side.
the most favored in the uk are the strait navy blues with no stripes and worn with a white vest or white gym shirt with a collar and knee high white praline socks and black plimsoll shoe's the knickers had a broad elastic cuff to the leg holes and a thick elastic to the waist and sometimes sported a small pocket on the front or rear of the knickers for the wearer to put a handkerchief in these are the generally classed gym knickers [image=]as you can see the broad cuff to the leg and also on these [image=]but then we come to the variations in color of gym knickers as in these [image=]then onto the white ones worn for summer as in this pic for outside sport like tennis [image=]and also for the full uniform which could be in navy blue,bottle green, gray, bergundy,or chocolate brown,depending on the schl and its uniform but for sex play the favored color of gym nickers are either navy blue, or white [image=][image=]i hope that explains it to you
Txbob52 · 61-69, M
I had heard the term used in other posts and just wanted to understand. I do like it when my wife wears a school uniform. It’s a lot of fun to work my way through the layers.
davidstorm · 61-69, C
[@604150,Txbob52] the bottom two pics are of my wife in her uniform
Txbob52 · 61-69, M

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I Gym Knickers
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