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I Am Atheist (strong)

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I think atheist is the best. I been one for two yaers
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Jun 17, 2016
OOH my god is that your pic? is that your toy?? soooo cool馃榿
Naw. Found it online
thats a cute toy never thought they'd make some like that haha
Saffie36-40, F
Haha that's gold! Tell it to your preacher, I dare you 馃檪
imgreywlf61-69, M
I m not sure how you or any Atheist can actually know that there is no GOD, The Only way anyone can know is to actually die and be dead for some time. That is the only way if there is or is not a GOD.
That is why it is best to be agnostic.
Saffie36-40, F
Yeah or you can just do the best you can in this one life you've been given!
mic1122522-25, M
@imgreywlf well if you want to be technical im agnostic atheist but I just say atheist cuz that seems easier. I think religions are fake and the concept of a god is unlikely but not impossible. I think atheist or atheist agnostic is the closest term for that view point.
imgreywlf61-69, M
There is no such thing, as agnostic atheist,
you either KNOW there is NOT or your not sure.
You do not have to belong to a religion, You can be as many are spiritual. Basically live by the Golden "do onto others as you would have them do unto you."
mic1122522-25, M
@imgreywlf no such thing as what exactly?
imgreywlf61-69, M
agnostic atheist
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I Am Atheist (strong)
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I think atheist is the best. I been one for two ya... | I Am Atheist (strong) | Similar Worlds