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I Am Still Spanked
I was by Mom yesterday :( we were talking about my plans for the weekend to go to my 2 friends house on Friday and Saturday which she sometimes would say yes to if she had no plans and I didn't have any school work... but of course she said we have things to do Saturday morning so I couldn't Friday night. Our talk turned into an argument cause I didn't think I should have to go but arguments usually don't end well for me lol and sure didn't this time cause 3 min later I was in my room waiting for her... it was the usual some with the hand bare and then wooden spoon I think I'm licky I stopped when I did though cause it was shorter then usual and I was glad for that let me tell you lol.... I'm open to talk if your not going to be creepy!!!!
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updown2020 · 56-60, M
Well a shorter spanking is better than a long spanking . But you are in charge whether you get spanked or not you know if you argue your pants are coming down so try not to argue.
Pop0159 · 61-69, M
Jess it sounds like you knew what was going to happen if you argued ... but chose to argue anyway .. .. .. mabe next time you will do better at stopping before you cross the line .. ..
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JordanSmythe · 26-30, F
Last week I was spanked by my dad because we argued and he never listens. I'm sorry for you girl
OMG I am sorry! I have been in that situation too, I know it sucks a whole lot.
peterxs · M
wooden spoon sucks

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