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I Am Still Spanked

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Early this month, I went to see the disciplinarian again, this time for four days straight. I arrived there early, at 6:30 am and was sent to a special room where I’d be staying.
In there there was a twin bed where I slept, a desk and chair, an armchair, and a black storage sized box. For my time there, I was not to leave the room, except for when I had to shower or use the restroom. I’d wake up at 6, get time to shower, then a bath brush spanking while my ass was still wet.
Then I’d have to write lines from 6:45 to 10:00. Everyday it was a different line relating to my procrastination and neglect of studies. (This time I had 3 F’s, 2 D’s and 1 B grade, all pure laziness)
Afterwards, it was time for a paddling, and bare bottom corner time. At noon I’d get an hour for lunch / bathroom, then help out with chores while plugged with an uncomfortable butt plug or sometimes ginger depending on my behavior. Throughout the day, if I behaved badly or was rude I’d be spanked or get my mouth soaped.At 6:00 pm, I received a hard belt spanking and be sent to bed. On the final day, I got an extra hard and long hour-long spanking and promised to try harder to not go through this again.

Do you think my punishment was fair and what would you have done?
18-21, F
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Mar 17, 2019
Asificair · M
Try a spanking website!
lillyisnaughtyy · 18-21, F
[@854658,Asificair] like what sir?
Asificair · M
[@758143,lillyisnaughtyy] like Google spanking! Not rocket science.
Fishing65 · 51-55, M
I bet the wet bottom spankings hurts worse
AtomicMan525 · 41-45, M
You should object and request a more comfort butt plug.
Lion1776 · 46-50, M
Very fair. I would have done very similar but for the f's. You would get the cane. 12 strokes a day for each F
SonofVirginia · 41-45, M
Your punishment for the Fs should have been more severe. What where you spanked with for an hour and what lines did you write?
lillyisnaughtyy · 18-21, F
[@842660,SonofVirginia] varied. belt, slipper, paddle
Rachely3 · 26-30, F
Who disciplines you? If you accept it, you must know you deserve it.
Well what about school did you not have school? Yes two of those days could have been the weekend but what about the other two days?
Kimnewco · 18-21, F
A good sobbing butt beating can be very carthetic, its can be a catalytic to purge narrative emotions and recenters you. If I decide I want that kind of spanking, I want to be spanked for a very long time while I am crying and just until I loose my composure. You what I mean? I get paddled with this. . .[image=]
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I Am Still Spanked
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