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I Believe Life Is a Life Long Lesson

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[b][c=#005E2F]"The Rant That Backfired"[/c][/b]

Today's offer from Wordsmith is "[b][i]Philipic[/i][/b]". It describes a rousing patriotic speech given by the famous Athenian orator, Demosthenes, against King Philip of Macedon around 357 BC.

The Macedon army was a professional fighting force under King Philip that was whupping everyone they fought back in the day.

It seems Philip broke a trade deal with Athens and reneged on giving them a choice little province on the coast of Greece that would give access to even more wealth producing sea trade.

This back stabbing betrayal made Demosthenes hopping mad and he delivered four foot stomping fire and brimstone speeches to the governing body of Athens and the citizens cussing out the Macedonians for being stupid, brutish, and way way way less sophisticated than the Athenian home boys. After all, Athens had temples, a democracy, and nifty public baths whereas the Macedonians, well heck, never bathed and smelled like old goat and couldn't string 3 words together without grunting….and they didn’t even speak Greek!

Yep, everyone was amazed at his oratory. They readily admitted he was the best rant speech maker in history....only they were pissing in their pants scared to rile up King Philip. So, of course, they stood up, cheered, and applauded every time Demosthenes gave a speech and they also didn’t take any of his advice.

Athens had great note takers in those days, called scribes, and so every one of Demosthenes’ speeches made it to the goat smelling war tent of King Philip. Oh boy!

A few years later, I don’t think Demosthenes was overly surprised to find some Macedon soldiers inside his house when the Macedon army occupied Athens. But I guarantee you he was a whole lot surprised when just as he was telling these ruffians what goat smelling ignoramuses they were…….. he was run through like a plucked chicken on a shish kabob spear.

So, dear readers, if there is a lesson to be learned here it’s:

[b][c=#800055]If you have a piss and vinegar insulting rant to deliver, write it down, and have your neighbor or a Texas fundamentalist preacher that is running for Congress deliver it for ya.[/c][/b]

The satisfaction may not be as great….but, heck, you’ll live longer!
31-35, F
12 replies
Jun 12, 2019
Edited: 2 mths ago
The best piece of advice I ever got was "if your mad and its going to feel good to say it...dont."
samanthasmokes · 31-35, F
[@726345,justanotherdirtyoldman] LOL, as my grandma would say, "That was a gem to keep polished and wear as a ring."
[@952394,samanthasmokes] i like that.
SW User
Wow... so cool that you are so well versed in the history of events in the Classical Age!
melbeacher · 56-60, M
Awesome story. Great writing and great life lesson ! Thanks a mucho :)
samanthasmokes · 31-35, F
[@11794,melbeacher] Thank you!
melbeacher · 56-60, M
[@952394,samanthasmokes] My pleasure !
i feel life is like a scam. one big scam
samanthasmokes · 31-35, F
[@416946,The6013] 😔
yeah ohh yeah my life reeks[@952394,samanthasmokes]
ninjavu · 46-50, M
I read somewhere that Abraham Lincoln, in his younger days, used to write Philipic-like letters about and to his adversaries, which his wife dutifully took for delivery ... but never mailed.

I've been a Wordsmith subscriber since the last century! :)
samanthasmokes · 31-35, F
[@648944,ninjavu] Now she was one very wise wife! 👍️

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