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I Love Photography

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Took this on I-45 in Buffalo TX
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Nov 1, 2016
Neuroticnelly · 36-40, F
Oh hi. I didnt know you were here. We were friends on EP. Nice to see you again. Lovely picture by the way.
Texaspilot · M
Howdy Nellly!! How have you been? Liking SW??
Neuroticnelly · 36-40, F
@Texaspilot: ive been doing good. Yes i like SW. Many EP people are here so it feels like home again. So glad to see one more!
Oosure · M
Nice! Timing is everything in photography!
Texaspilot · M
Yes. You have to think ahead. Lol
Oosure · M
@Texaspilot: Absolutely. Location and time. I knew a photographer who would spend weeks on location getting up before dawn day after day to try to catch the light just right for one outdoor pix.
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I Love Photography
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