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I Enjoy Thong Flashing
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thong showing with emma

this is the same day as the last story..

we get up from the bed and she asks me which of her thongs we should wear for when we go to the mall. she gave me her pink brand thong which are my favorites and it was neon green and hers was neon orange. we get dropped off at the mall and we go straight to pink and we’re just looking for thongs and a worker asked me if i’m shopping for her and i said no, and she looked stunned and asked well if you need help with anything lmk, i crouch down to the bottom shelf where the thongs were and (from emma) the worker just opened her mouth in shock and then emma made her way over to me and bent down too, so as i pick out the thongs for me emma already has hers and i get up and tell the worker we’re ready, she just smiled and brought us to the register. we go to the food court and sit down just to talk, there was a table of kids from our school and they come over and sit by emma and then one whispers into my ear and says tell her to pull her pants up, and i said wdym? he tells me to go look and as i get out of my seat i move to get up and as i get up i show him my thong in the process and looked and said, yeah i don’t see a problem? and he just looked confused and left. emma and i started laughing bc of that, we end up going to macy’s and there were a lot of people in here, we did this thing where we act like we don’t know each other and show our thongs to one another. we went to hollister and we’re on line when two girls behind us were just talking about wanting to show their thong in public but just wasn’t sure how too, emma and i look at each other and both just bend over and the girls laugh, and we start talking and became friends with one another and it turns out they are from another school near us, we decided to add each other on snapchat and the one girl asked if i was emma’s boyfriend and i said no we’re just friends, and they said gay best friend? and i said no i’m completely straight and she just said but you’re wearing a thong? and i said yeah, i love to show it off but that doesn’t make me gay. we get picked up by the two girls moms and they drop us off at emma’s house and emma brings me up to her room and says do you wanna sleepover? my parents won’t be home for a month, and i said definitely. we changed into sweatpants and t shirts and just sitting with our buttcracks out, talking. she then starts talking about how she really likes me and asked if i liked her, then i ask her out and she freaked out and was like really!?!! this is real? i said yes, and she jumps on me and hugs me.
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Dolimyte · 36-40, M
Cool story bro.

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