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I Believe In Discipline

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So because I discipline im called a perv
26-30, F
28 replies
Feb 4, 2019
benhailin36-40, M
Oh you lil pervy diciplined lady 馃槀
If you鈥檙e a spanking person then yeah
Shannonmumof226-30, F
[@889939,LokiBecky] whatever
Lol how childish are you 馃槀

Just call is whopping or smacking and you won鈥檛 get called a perv [@798609,Shannonmumof2]
Daneille31-35, F
[@889939,LokiBecky] ok
DropsOfPain26-30, F
You are a perv
DropsOfPain26-30, F
[@785493,Daneille] That鈥檚 your other account 馃槀
DropsOfPain26-30, F
[@785493,Daneille] Why is your age different?
Daneille31-35, F
[@509132,DropsOfPain] excuse me
You spank your kids...Shannon mom of two? Or are you spanked? To each their own.
Shannonmumof226-30, F
[@1021,Kakashi] yes
frenchstrictdad41-45, M
[@798609,Shannonmumof2] Means?
Both I guess [@798609,Shannonmumof2]
TexChik36-40, F
Most people I know with kids will spank as a last resort to restore discipline ... but they don鈥檛 rush to social media and do a tell all or brag about it . I do not enjoy going there with my son , and I took care of business once we got there . His father does the same . But it鈥檚 fast , furious, and then forgotten. Period . The thing with all the 鈥 disciplinarians鈥 on here is that they seem to get some sort of satisfaction from it . That鈥檚 pervy. 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔廜h ! And one other fact ... most the spankers seem to be from the U.K. , as are the diaper gangs and the pee and poop players . Is there a correlation?
Shannonmumof226-30, F
[@113373,TexChik] k
I鈥檝e noticed that whole U.K. thing too 馃槀 must be a huge thing over there. And the nudists [@113373,TexChik]
Tobasco26-30, F
If most of your posts are about spanking children, then yeah you're a perv.
Big difference between discipline and sadism
Kenscoff70-79, M
I do not like the word discipline with regard to children. This is a word used by unpleasant marinets
AtomicMan52541-45, M
This is not fair.
Kenscoff70-79, M
[@900922,AtomicMan525] Discipline is something for the military not for children. Guidance example and when merited reproving are best, occasionally sanctions may be required. They should never be physically attacked.
RyanUK26-30, M
Because I wear thongs I get called a perv , gay , creep all kinds
Kenscoff70-79, M
[@336992,RyanUK] the correct appellation would be idiot rather than perv lol
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I Believe In Discipline
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So because I discipline im called a perv | I Believe In Discipline | Similar Worlds