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50 years ago today...
Pierre Laporte's body was found in the trunk of a car. The members of the Front de lib茅ration du Qu茅bec who were prosecuted for his murder plead "responsible" at their trial. Thanks to this (joke of a) Marxist uprising, my parents were able to buy our first Montr茅al home for a song the following summer! Pity that the nationalism that followed kept the province's economy (and, to some extent, the entire country's) barefoot and pregnant for the next 30 years.
LucyGray22-25, F
What's the connection to a house deal? And why was Canada made pregnant?
[@1154467,LucyGray] well, with terrorists escalating to kidnappings and murder, property values went through the floor. They couldn't give them away! After that, Quebeckers were committed to asserting their national identity through the democratic process, but with the constant threat of Quebec separation looming large, investers didn't want to have anything to do with the place. There were 2 referendums on Quebec's sovereignty, which both failed, and the 2nd one dragged out what was a very bad recession in Canada.
craig770-79, M
Those events of October 1970 were big news here in Australia.
[@636775,craig7] really? Why do you suppose that is? Did it mirror something going on in .au at the time?
They didn't seem to want to talk about it here after the fact. I might have been a teen when I first heard of it. It was Wikipedia that told me they were Marxist.
craig770-79, M
[@22111,ImperialAerosolKidFromEP] No,it didn't mirror anything happening here at the time,it was a big international news story,and of course Australia and Canada are both members of the Commonwealth of Nations.Your then-Prime Minister Trudeau,father of Justin,had made an official visit to Australia just a few months earlier in 1970,at the time,the first-ever visit from a serving Canadian P.M.I also recall,in years before 1970,news stories of bombings etc by Quebec extremists,were reported here too.

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