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I Miss My Pet

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First and foremost, I was never a cat person mainly because I was allergic to them and some of them can be assholes. Lol. But I knew someone that had a cat and she was thinking about taking her to the animal shelter. I told her NO! and took her back in 2011 and had her until March 2019.

On my way home from work today I was singing and moving to the music in my car having a great time. Then out of nowhere, I started thinking about my best friend (cat) She passed away back in March because of health problems and old age.

Then I got to thinking wouldn't it be nice to find a human being with unconditional love and not so judgmental like our pets? I probably didn't deserve her but she was the best thing that happened to me. She was so sweet and treated everyone equal. She didn't care what you looked like or if you had a lot of money or even if I had a bad day she was still there. And yeah the food helped her stay. Lol.

Sometimes we take our pets for granted. We can learn more from our pets than they can learn from us.

I hope everyone is having a great morning/afternoon/evening/night!
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Dec 2, 2019
Recluse · 41-45, M
Good story and its cool the cat made you feel good and good memories. but,If u didn't feed your cat it would drive you nuts.
Food is its motive
[@497677,Recluse] Yeah, outside cats are easier to take care of because they can take care of themselves.
Recluse · 41-45, M
[@980776,RealSkep] I still feed him take to vet etc. He's a hunter. hands down he likes to kill shit
[@497677,Recluse] I would think so since he's a cat. Lol. 🙂

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I Miss My Pet
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