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Drowning my sorrows in Biscoff...

I've never had them before and I'm feeling a little let down.
It's not really the kind of cookie you wanna eat when you're tryna eat your feelings, is it?

*sigh* I shoulda got the Stroopwafels 馃槕 LOL

They remind me of the teething cookies you give babies
LucyFuhr51-55, F
[@573519,Valdaine] E X A C T L Y!
But mine are more teething crumbs. The wrapper's so tight I had to break the cookies LMAO
Biscoffs are DIVINE

especially with milk
LucyFuhr51-55, F
[@607935,HijabaDabbaDoo] They're just not taking me to where I need to be. They're more like something I'd have while I'm standing at the fridge wondering what I should have.
Have you ever tried the biscoff spread?
LucyFuhr51-55, F
[@406205,InOtterWords] You know I'm going to Google that.
Food is literally my favorite porn 馃槀
[@8345,LucyFuhr] if you are ever in London....
Slade51-55, M
[@8345,LucyFuhr] Depends what you eat...馃槇
Slade51-55, M
Are they a Canadian brand.

I have a hopeless sweet tooth - if they are good I'll find a way to get them.馃憤
LucyFuhr51-55, F
[@1195324,Backdoortothesublime] I don't think so. You could probably find them on Amazon or at Walmart if you're in North America.
Not really worth the trouble imo though.
Go with the Stroopwafels instead.
Slade51-55, M
[@8345,LucyFuhr] Got it. I hope they are more moist馃憤
Mrsbetweenfatandfit26-30, F
I love those with milk mmm

But for sadness my snack is ice cream
LucyFuhr51-55, F
[@455213,Mrsbetweenfatandfit] Cake is currently under consideration, even if I have to bake one from scratch LOL
Mrsbetweenfatandfit26-30, F
[@8345,LucyFuhr] mmm what flavor?
LucyFuhr51-55, F
[@455213,Mrsbetweenfatandfit] Something involving strawberries. That's always a cheerful fruit LOL
I just remembered there's a new cafe downstairs too though so... 馃槄
arkod36-40, M
Stroopwafels are the best; although, these go good with tea or coffee.
LucyFuhr51-55, F
[@1146013,arkod] I assumed the Biscoff would've given me the Stroopwafel experience but less sticky.
This is why one should never assume LOL
JoyfulSilence46-50, M
At least it has a "unique taste."
JoyfulSilence46-50, M
[@8345,LucyFuhr] I hope you find a yummy cookie!
LucyFuhr51-55, F
[@68716,JoyfulSilence] Thank you! I think I might just go for cake next LOL
JoyfulSilence46-50, M
[@8345,LucyFuhr] I just bought lemon meringue pie. 馃ゴ
CountScrofula41-45, M
Stroopwaffles are so much better what were you thinking.
LucyFuhr51-55, F
[@624254,CountScrofula] I know right?!
Feelings cloud judgement LOL
Looks good with coffee
Too bad I can only have a small cup
LucyFuhr51-55, F
[@332555,Novascel] I have one of those too...still a letdown
I need to cut back on my coffee consumption too. I've been experimenting with tea.
MrBrownstone41-45, M
Just don鈥檛 dip them in a can of frosting
LucyFuhr51-55, F
[@1149,MrBrownstone] That actually sounds like the fix! 馃槄
MrBrownstone41-45, M
[@8345,LucyFuhr] No!
Rolexeo26-30, M
You should try the cookie butter spread
LucyFuhr51-55, F
[@1201398,Rolexeo] [b][i]That[/i][/b] stuff is awesome!
I even have a special spoon for that too LOL
PepsiColaP22-25, F
They look dry ooft
LucyFuhr51-55, F
[@1090951,PepsiColaP] Drier than I would've imagined.
PepsiColaP22-25, F
[@8345,LucyFuhr] get you a cuppa
Slade51-55, M
[@8345,LucyFuhr] I'd hate to say that after being with a woman 馃槺
Miram26-30, F
I drown in chocolates when depressed
LucyFuhr51-55, F
[@542305,Miram] I'm not chocolate level sad yet; more frustrated than anything else LOL
Test1234526-30, M
*makes a note* get the stroopwafels, not the biscoff
Oatmeal raisin.. 馃憤
Diggler46-50, M
Have you considered dipping them in Jack Daniels? 馃

LucyFuhr51-55, F
[@107336,Diggler] That would give me the opposite effect of what I'm looking for. I cry when I drink LMAO
Diggler46-50, M
[@8345,LucyFuhr] chocolate then? 馃

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