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I Believe In Jesus

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Happy Easter to you all. 馃槃

Today we celebrate that Jesus has risen from the grave. 馃槉
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Apr 21, 2019
Quizzical41-45, M
Actually, that's not the origin of Easter at all.
Classified31-35, M
[@380163,Quizzical] Oooh I see. Not sure about the origins, but at least today is a day used by Christians too. 馃檪
Quizzical41-45, M
[@444927,Classified] It actually harkens back to the Pagan festival of Eostre, which was a celebration of Spring and the 'rebirth' of nature. Her patron animal was the rabbit or hare, which is why we have Easter Bunnies, and the Bunny delivers eggs because eggs have been a gift and symbol of life since pretty much the dawn of time.

The Christian Church while trying to convert the Pagan Britons around AD 600 latched onto the Easter celebrations and co-opted them into the religion replacing the aspect of the rebirth of nature with the resurrection of Jesus, and over time (and through propaganda) people largely forgot the true origin of 'Easter'.

They did a very similar thing with Winter Solstice celebrations and made that approximate date the day of the birth of Jesus.
Classified31-35, M
[@380163,Quizzical] This does ring a bell somewhere. I knew about the church trying to integrate feasts. 馃
Mamapolo201661-69, F
Happy Easter!
Classified31-35, M
[@663519,Mamapolo2016] Thank you. 馃槉
Jesus is the Easter bunny or the egg?
[@444927,Classified] So anti-fun.
Classified31-35, M
[@553663,TeirdalinFirefall] I don't mind if it's seen like that. Thank you. 馃檪
Quizzical41-45, M
[@553663,TeirdalinFirefall] Neither 馃槈
karysma31-35, F
Glory to Jesus 馃コ馃コ馃コ馃コ
Classified31-35, M
[@418737,karysma] Yes 馃榿
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Zonuss36-40, M
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[@322117,Zonuss] 馃榿
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Happy Easter to you all. 馃槃 Today we celebrate tha... | I Believe In Jesus | Similar Worlds