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I Am Not 2 Busy, 2 Popular Or 2 Self Involved 2 Be Ur Friend

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Evidently acquiring a basic grasp of spelling ,syntax and usage really does have me burning the midnight oil!
(Ignore the image,I just think it's funny)

Anyway I was once asked by someone what the difference was between "film" and "movies" was...Film,I stated didactically is a term reserved for those condescending , persnickety persons who throw around terms like auteur and meta cinema while movies are for us hoi polloi
(Or is it we hoi polloi.I get confused..) who just like to have a good time...Which is odd because a childhood friend told me recently that he thought I'd be Leonard Maltin by now..I had to tell him the position was already filled.!!
Is it my fault two of the flicks I enjoyed the most online are called
respectively",Fetish" and Sissy-the Movie?
The first is a 20008 Korean movie rebranded " MAKE YOURSELF at HOME",and it was the first movie I watched on my PC,at Hulu....The IMDb folks weren't impressed but taste is taste,right?
The term fetish is used in its primary sense," an inanimate object worshiped for its supposed magical powers or because it is considered to be inhabited by a spirit." and therein lies a tale.
Sissy is a short having nothing to do with men in women's maid outfits. It was made on a shoestring (hmm...) and delivers good value. I'm posting it here because a youtube or even a Google search might be exhausting and this give the advantage of being able to hit the Youtube button and watch it later. It may not be Godard but I guarantee you won't ask for your money back!


I will have more to say on movies,maybe not in this group though!
56-60, M
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Sep 14, 2018
Arcadia · 46-50
Love the art... you know he does those on sticky notes... very clever
bookerdana · 56-60, M
[@681137,Arcadia] You mean Kenn,he's prime..theres a guy who does Savage Chickems on post-ups,too
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I Am Not 2 Busy, 2 Popular Or 2 Self Involved 2 Be Ur Friend
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