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I Am An Atheist

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Why exactly am I an atheist? Because I'm not stupid. There's an entire infinite universe out there with trillions of galaxies and planets and yet somehow you think there's an all-powerful, all-knowing God up there who only cares about Earth. News flash, we aren't anything special because we're not the only things in creation.
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Nov 21, 2016
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Alittlebitofsomething · 22-25, F
you have the right to feel how you feel... but who says God only cares about earth
RoboChloe · 22-25, F
The people who wrote the Bible.
Alittlebitofsomething · 22-25, F
where does it say God only cares about earth? I'm pretty sure he cares for all of creation.
@Alittlebitofsomething: The bible describes the Earth as all creation. The land, the sea, the sky, and the sun. That's it.
Alittlebitofsomething · 22-25, F
It says in the bible he created the [i]heavens[/i] and the earth. Not just the one planet. He created the universe out of nothingness.
@Alittlebitofsomething: So where does it say what God thinks of Mars, or Jupiter, or another planet five trillion galaxies away?
Alittlebitofsomething · 22-25, F
It doesn't, but it does say he loves all of creation. which would be everything. the heavens and earth.
RoboChloe · 22-25, F
@Alittlebitofsomething: "Heavens and the Earth" implies that the Earth is of the same or similar value to that of the rest of the Universe. Which, in essence, means that the Earth is more important than any one other part on the Universe.

It's not.

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I Am An Atheist
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