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I Am An Atheist

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Why exactly am I an atheist? Because I'm not stupid. There's an entire infinite universe out there with trillions of galaxies and planets and yet somehow you think there's an all-powerful, all-knowing God up there who only cares about Earth. News flash, we aren't anything special because we're not the only things in creation.
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Nov 21, 2016
Alittlebitofsomething · 22-25, F
you have the right to feel how you feel... but who says God only cares about earth
@Alittlebitofsomething: So where does it say what God thinks of Mars, or Jupiter, or another planet five trillion galaxies away?
Alittlebitofsomething · 22-25, F
It doesn't, but it does say he loves all of creation. which would be everything. the heavens and earth.
RoboChloe · 22-25, F
@Alittlebitofsomething: "Heavens and the Earth" implies that the Earth is of the same or similar value to that of the rest of the Universe. Which, in essence, means that the Earth is more important than any one other part on the Universe.

It's not.
Ynotisay · M
Might want to tell people they're "stupid" after you make your points.
xSharp · 26-30, M
it would be a shame if all alien races went to our hell just because they did not have one of our many laughable religions, fortunately they wont.
totalrandoman · 100+, M
I think we're in a simulation. I don't think there's any life out there besides Earth. In fact, I'm pretty certain. I'm pretty certain everything around me is an illusion. I only believe what I experience myself in person. Everything else written or said is just hearsay. I don't believe in the Judeo-Christian God either. In fact, the Bible pisses me off. It's so disgustingly annoying to me how anyone psychologically twists into loving that book. Not only do I hate the writing style, but it is as boring as fuck.
I like the way you think. This could all be just a simulation. Everything that we can not see and experience for ourselves does not exist. You are a smart man, Jester.
totalrandoman · 100+, M
After due consideration, it is the most plausible conclusion I've come to. There could be life on mars but I'll never believe a little rover with a camera on it in space. Sure I'll go along with what everyone else says and stuff, but in my head I'll always be reluctant. It just feels right.
Greenbare · 70-79, M
Yes, that is kind of stupid, but you seem to believe in that religious dogma as the definition of opposing it.

There are numerous other religious beliefs, many of which have local Gods who are much more limited in powers and for whom your argument is irrelevant.
RoboChloe · 22-25, F
That doesn't make them any more real.
Greenbare · 70-79, M
@RoboChloe: It sides steps all of your arguments that they aren't real. Of course they are real.
RoboChloe · 22-25, F
@Greenwind: It side steps none of [i]my [/i]arguments. It simply side steps the arguments made by the post's author. You can't refute one argument and instantly assume that means you've refuted [i]all[/i] arguments. That's utterly ridiculous.

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I Am An Atheist
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