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I Miss My Dog

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Hello everyone. I wanted to share my story for a very long time and now I feel like it’s time to.I want to share my experience so I could get some friendly advice,share my emotions,feel like someone understands me.When I was a kid almost 9 year old My grandparents (I’m living with them since I was born and they really love me and give so much for me)adopted our dog.From the first time I met her I was the happiest girl ever.She was amazing.She was the puppy that I prayed for,for a very long time.I really loved her so much. I was calling her “my sister””.Her name was actually Rosita.:) I still love her with all my heart.After some months my grandparents decided that we couldn’t keep her home anymore,because she was getting bigger than they thought,she was very energized and that she could be better in a bigger home, with a big garden,somewhere away,she would be heppier.(They also had many problems going on in home but I know they loved her so much too.)I was broken.I cried. I really wanted her to stay.I wanted her for a very long time,I loved her so much.I wanted her to be with me. I still want her to be with me.She stayed with us till she was 1,5 year old.We got another one puppy in the meantime.~something that I begged for~`. I really loved dogs so much. I loved them both.He is 10 year old now and he lives with us.I really want her to be with us too.When she was 1,5 year old my grandparents gave her away. I never met her again.I never said goodbye and I promised I won’t till we meet again.My heart is broken without her.I’m crying everyday.I’m always thinking where is she.I miss her all the time.I can’t stop thinking of her until today that I’m 20 years old and It’s been 10 whole years and I also have a very beautiful dog 1,5 years old that I’m his “mom”and I love him so much( my grandparents was negative to adopt him at first but know they loved him so much and take care of him) I’m on my way to forgive my parents.I love my family. Rosita is my family too.I still wish that I could find her again.I never gave up in my hope that I will find her again.I know god is big. And I deeply believe.I will never let her go again.We will be together forever.My whole family.I have faith. I started posting about her lately and I promised to myself I will be strong and I will do everything to find her even If it’s hard.Even if I don’t know what can I do and how. I wish I’ll find my way.I’m thinking to go in the place that my parents gave her away and I promised to myself that I will.Soon.I have to do anything to find her. I have to.I know it’s been so long , but,I don’t wanna think it’s late.I know the place she was given 10 years ago but I don’t know if is still possible for her to be there.But ,I believe to god and I have faith.I pray all day long to find her.I love her so much and I always will. Amen. <3 ! LOVE YOU ROSITA . I really need some hope and advice. even some kind words or some advice can make a difference!
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Mar 5, 2018

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I Miss My Dog
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Hello everyone. I wanted to share my story for a v... | I Miss My Dog | Similar Worlds