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I'm Against Child Abuse of Any Kind

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I hate it. It's painful when I see a child being abused. Whether it's a verbal attack telling a child that they're stupid, dumb or worthless or physically smacking or beating the child. Even ignoring the child...not feeding them. I broke up with an ex GF becuase she would scream at her kids constantly. Her kids were 8-9 at the time. t's so screwed up ;-(

Children are beautiful. They don't judge. Whether you're fat, thin, old or young they don't care.
They're innocent, give love unconditionlly.

They deserve the best from parents and society because they are our future. They have a future and we need love, take care, guide and nurture our future.
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Jan 2, 2015
I once told a father client of mine what I thought of the way he spoke to his kids while he was in my office.

He was in my office bad mouthing his ex (their mother) and when his three small kids would need his attention, he'd speak to them like shit.

I knew the children interrupted him about nonsense because they wanted him to stop talking poorly about their mom. I cared for the way the kids felt and their father clearly did not.

In his eyes he thought I was interested and intensely listening to his bullshit. I wasn't because I was really angry.

I asked him to please leave because I cannot watch him talk to the children in the manner he spoke. The children heard me and looked at me in fear. Not scared of me but scared of what their father would say back to me. I wasn't scared of him at all.

He was a bit shocked at the way I told him to leave. He was caught off guard. As he collected himself and refrained from lashing out at me, he left confused. I only hope he thought about his behavior and changed. He likely didn't but I will continue to believe I at least made the kids lives a bit easier. He wasn't put off by returning to my office. He treated me with respect always. What I really wish is that he treats his children with the same respect.
shakenama · M
I bet you're an amazing mom. Your kids will love you for that :-)
I just hope they grow up to be happy and well adjusted.
I find that it is more often the mother whom is setting the bad example
My mother was just like you listed
shakenama · M
Sheesh....are things any better between you and her?
I am sure you tried to show the right way to your GF before breaking up. But some people just don't care. As you say kids are our only future. This world will last only if we raise them good.
Tell me about it. So much child abuse is going on out there. Too much of it can send them down bad paths in life. The principal in my school gave me the savage hellfire beating of my life over nothing. Over something I didn't do. Over something someone set me up for. Something I never got to explain what really happened that day. Especially where he forged my mother's signature on the authorization part of the contract giving himself authorization of doing so, making it seem legal, to which it never was legal, which was a fraud, forgery, and a criminal act. My mother never gave him the authority to do so, even if I did do something wrong, which I didn't. I'm thankful it never happened again, though, by him or any other principal of all the schools in the school district I went to. I could even remember when he gave the most brutal savage hellfire beating to this one boy so bad, so many times, the poor boy had to be institutionalized.

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I'm Against Child Abuse of Any Kind
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I hate it. It's painful when I see a child be... | I'm Against Child Abuse of Any Kind | Similar Worlds