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I Love the Ocean

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[c=#666666]If somebody would like to take me away to an exotic paradise, I have plenty* to offer you in return.[/c]

[c=#BF0000]*Plenty: my friendship and approx. £12.74.[/c]
18-21, F
8 replies
Apr 14, 2019
Well, friendship is pretty valuable I guess.
ArtieKat · 61-69, M
Is that what you made in tips tonight lol?
elina · 18-21, F
[@9450,ArtieKat][c=#666666]: I made a little bit more, aha. 🥰[/c]
Uncle · 41-45, M
How much for just the friendship, I wonder?

As for trips, I could only offer working holidays or language courses. ;)
elina · 18-21, F
[@691008,Uncle][c=#666666]: Ahaha. 😇[/c]
Uncle · 41-45, M
[@923482,elina] The places are also less than exotic these days... ;)
xixgun · M
Oooooh! Rich Pinnochio!
LookingIn · M
You keep the £12.74
Your friendship is enough

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I Love the Ocean
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