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I Care About The Environment

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Naked to save rainforest

In college I was in the environmental club. Our club did a big "Save the Amazon Rainforest" presentation in the auditorium. Ads for the presentation were placed around school. At least 80 people attended the presentation.

Some of the students in the presentation put on animal costumes and pretended to be some of the animals in the Amazon. Presenters talked about plants and trees in the Amazon that are on the verge of becoming extinct.

At the end of the presentation we talked about saving the people of the Amazon. For this part me and another girl named Sue were the Amazon women. We were chosen for this role since we are Asian and looked a bit like Native Americans.

We came onto stage dressed like Amazon rain forest women. We were wearing beads around our neck and leaves and flowers in our hair. From the waist up we were wearing nothing since this is how Amazon women usually go. There were 2 or 3 black stripes painted across our stomachs. From the waist down our clothing was thongs. Everybody in the crowd could see both our boobs and our butt.

We went onto stage and introduced ourselves as disappearing Amazon tribes. We explained that Amazon tribes don't have the same sense of modesty as Americans, and that Amazon women often wear this little clothing in public- if they wear anything at all. Resisting the urge to cover my naked boobs and butt, I laughed and the crowd laughed with me. Sue and I explained that Amazon tribes are rapidly disappearing as the land they live on is being turned into farmland. In addition, Amazon tribes easily get disease when they come into contact with other people, because like the early Native Americans, they have developed no resistance to the diseases outside people carry.

Sue and I discussed life in our tribes as primitive yet in touch with the environment. We explained that breastfeeding is a big ritual to people in the Amazon. Sue, who had a baby a few months earlier, briefly went backstage to get her baby from her boyfriend. She then sat down on stage and breastfed her baby in front of everybody. The crowd thought it was adorable. We noted that some Amazon tribes even breastfeed animals. I held up some pictures of Amazon women breastfeeding animals and showed them to the crowd.

Sue gave her baby back to her boyfriend. Then we turned on a radio and did a traditional Amazon dance.

When that was done the presentation on saving the Amazon was over. Sue and I told the crowd that both the people and humans in the Amazon need saving.

After leaving stage Sue and I got dressed. Some people from my classes were in the crowd and they all told me I did a good job. Nobody seemed to think I was a slut for going onto stage basically naked. They knew I was trying to be an Amazon women rather than put on a sex show.

Our drive for the Amazon was a success and raised a lot of money.
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Mar 14, 2018
elVato · 41-45, M
Pics or it didn't happen.

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I Care About The Environment
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