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What ended in 1896?
[c=#003BB2][b][center]ANSWER: 1895[/center][/b][/c]
8 replies
Nov 25, 2016
KiwiDan · 22-25, M
Zanzibar stopped being an independent nation
mad205039 · 31-35, M
Shashenka · 18-21, M
Wht is 6 of 7?

Because seven ate nine!
spandexblue · 31-35, M
I was going to say that was the year I left France. But I can't argue with your conclusion. LOL
spandexblue · 31-35, M
No, I knew french people. LOL
CuppyCake · F
[c=#003BB2][b]@spandexblue: 😭 cause I got a D on my French....[/b][/c]
spandexblue · 31-35, M
I should know French very well. I don't though. I can speak it very poorly. I understand it much better. I took Latin in school and did well. No one speaks Latin so kind of a waste. LOL
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