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Guys please stop asking questions about movies...
I can't contain myself in such situations :c
SW User
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Oct 29, 2016
SW User
Which is your favourite movie?
SW User

SW User
@GermanAf: lol. 😂😂
SW User
SW User
I forgive you.
SW User
Thank you.
Did you like Arthur C Clarks movies 2001 a space oddessey and it's sequel 2010?
SW User
Brb gonna drive to the only DVD store I know that has open at 1 AM.
@GermanAf: I bet you could find it on youtube
SW User
But I want a DVD .-.
Or better yet a VHS!
SW User
Do you like robocop?
SW User
@GermanAf: the horrific remake. Latest one.😁
SW User
No not at all...
You can't remake a retro sci-fi movie.
It kinda worked with Death Race but only because they fundamentally changed everything except the whole race part and some names.
But copying RoboCop with that old vision of the future into the present was just stupid.
SW User
@GermanAf: yeah. The whole movie was so confused.
SerenitiesScars · 31-35, M
*Remembers to ask movie questions for the rest of the night*

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