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Is a high school diploma required to apply for college?
Or, can I apply as early as after 10th grade?
18-21, F
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Feb 18, 2019
goagainsttheflow · 26-30, F
You can apply in 11th grade.
Cheyenne · 41-45, F
Depends on where you live.
MysterySci · 18-21, F
[@465322,Cheyenne] I want to apply to schools in the USA.
MartinTheFirst · 22-25, M
If youre a genius then there are probably workarounds... however for normal situations, yes its a requirement. At least where i live.
SW User
you'll have to check the individual colleges' criteria for admission, they should have something on their website about evaluating the credentials of international students if you're outside the US
ProdigalSummer · 41-45, F
You can do dual enrollment before graduating high school. My daughter is a senior and taking college classes for free that way.

Usually they accept juniors and seniors, but I've known kids in 8th and 9th who get accepted. As long as the academics and entrance test scores are there, you'll likely get accepted.
lizzy96 · 22-25, F
[@1162,ProdigalSummer] so shes in community college right, because real university classes can get tough
ProdigalSummer · 41-45, F
[@813039,lizzy96] yes, but the local community college shares many professor and curriculum with the local university. It's designed so that those who go to community college get pretty much the same education those first two years.
lizzy96 · 22-25, F
[@1162,ProdigalSummer] I know that I did the pathways program. Community College is a bit easy going though.
lizzy96 · 22-25, F
11th grade, I think with communty college you can do duel courses but otherwise yes.
lizzy96 · 22-25, F
also if you have exceptional IQ you can get in
SunnyTheSkeptic · 22-25, M
No, not unless you're Sheldon Cooper
in the meantime can get dual enrollment in your high school. my daughter was able to take classes that got her college credit while still in high school.

didn't have to pay for the class either
vetguy1991 · 46-50, M
I knew people that took a class or 2 when they were seniors in high school

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