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Why do people say I'm doing my job when a student says "I hate you!"? I'm an assistant teacher and punished her (please read)?

Today I punished a student for taking back to me and saying nasty things to me. She though I was joking and didn't listen to me. I told her I wasn't kidding. Then she said, "I hate you! You're a mean teacher!" I put her in time out at recess. I'm hurt. The teacher said, "That means you're doing your job. You're not here ti be the students friend. Be their teacher and do their job. Who cares of some don't like you?" One of the students called her a mean teacher. She smiled and said, "I don't mind being called that." And talked away. She is a TOUGHIE.
MikeSp · 51-55, M
Are you in a public or private school and how did you punish her?
[@10489,MikeSp] Private. I sent her to time out at recess
MikeSp · 51-55, M
[@633460,BeautiyRose96] It's a shame that your hands are tied and that you cannot use the very reliable and safe and effective use of corporal punishment. If her behaviour persists, you should seek to have her tested for causes, and look into her home life.
Mrpauldavies · 56-60, M
You were right to punish her. Are you allowed to spank?
Mrpauldavies · 56-60, M
[@633460,BeautiyRose96] you have to be firm as a teacher
[@324813,Mrpauldavies] I was
Mrpauldavies · 56-60, M
[@633460,BeautiyRose96] good for you. When I started teaching we could spank the children and cane the but sadly that is no longer allowed here.
Starcrossed · 36-40, F
That makes me sad. If you excluded my child from the brain break and physical activity of recess because she lashed out with her words, I'd have her removed from your class and you and I would have a conversation with your boss about child development and appropriate behavioural expectations of you and the students in your class.
[@580386,Starcrossed] Are you saying I'm a bad teacher? Every time I try to do something right, I get yelled at and ends up wrong. She was hitting her classmates and saying foul language. Also she disrespected me.
Starcrossed · 36-40, F
[@633460,BeautiyRose96] I'm not at all saying you're bad teacher. I don't know that kids background I wasn't in your classroom. I'm trying to suggest that you could have reacted differently.

Keeping that kid in from recess possibly resulted in the opposite of your desired outcome [a kid who feels not heard and operates in fear of punishment vs a kid who feels validated and intrinsically motivated to exhibit respectful behavior as they were modeled respect].

Keeping that kid in from recess didn't give them a brain break, didn't give them a chance to run around and burn off some of the energy, didn't give her a chance to be loud and get her wilds and wiggles out. She didn't get to socialized and vent to a friend. She didn't give her a chance to reset her head from her clearly not cool behavior.

She needs a break so that she could go back into learning mode.

Keeping a kid in from recess makes them feel isolated from and treated differently than from their peers (even if they are acting undesirably).

If she was being disrespectful, I guess I'd rather see someone take her aside for a moment and just talk out what is going on. Easier said in principle than in practice.

I'm sorry to have come across as attacking you.
ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
There are rules to be followed.. Some take a while to learn that
purplepen · 46-50, F
Don't worry, some kids will act up. Time out is not bad in terms of punishment.

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