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Do You Know Basic Japanese Words?
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Some examples! c:

こんばんは / Konbanwa / Good evening!!

おはよう / Ohayou / Good morning (casual)

おはようございます / Ohayou gozaimasu / Good morning (formal)

もしもし / Moshi moshi / Hello (when on the phone)

元気です。/ げんきです。 / Genki desu./ I am fine

最近はどうですか? / Saikin wa dou desu ka? / Have you been well?

またこんど / また今度。 / mata kondo / See you later

はじめまして / Ha ji me ma shi te / Nice to meet you

ごめんなさい / Gomen nasai / I am sorry

申し訳ありませんでした。もうしわけ ありませんでした。 / Moushi wake arimasen deshita. / I am really sorry. I feel terrible.

ただいま / Tadaima / I’m back!

今日は、どんな感じ? / Kyou wa donna kanji? / How’s your day?
18-21, M
14 replies
Sep 25, 2017
Cuttlefish · 22-25, M
I'm actually trying to reteach myself.
Mellifluous · 22-25, F
Notice me senpai 💕[image=]

stardust · 26-30, F
Moshi moshi! :)
SW is on phone, so it counts right? :D
SakuraShimeji · 18-21, M
[@592560,stardust] It doesn't count! c: You have to be talking on the phone with a person. c: So nope
stardust · 26-30, F
[@502260,SakuraShimeji] okay :)
Diyanne · F
[c=#7700B2]Moshi moshi...genki desu...arigato kuzaimaso....only these 3 😁[/c]
Diyanne · F
[@502260,SakuraShimeji] [c=#7700B2]Aaaghh....sorry...forgot to learn that 😜[/c]
SakuraShimeji · 18-21, M
Watashi wa ______ to moushimasu. Anata no o-namae wa?


Watashi wa ______ to iimasu. Yoroshiku o-negai shimasu.

Both people are literally saying "I am said/called _____". "Namae" is the word for "name". An "o" is added in front of it (and other words throughout this exchange) to show respect. This is not done when talking about yourself.
Diyanne · F
[@502260,SakuraShimeji] [c=#7700B2]Aaahaaaa....okayyy...thank you so much. I will copy that in my notepad. Thank you again 😃[/c]
BlueRain · 46-50, F
Why would anyone care????
SakuraShimeji · 18-21, M
[@468906,BlueRain] Because I am Japanese. It's pretty rude.
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