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I Love To Flirt And Be Flirted With
Mildly Adult
Who can make me blush by flirting?
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Fuck that, im way too awkward 馃槀
TotalCreep36-40, M
Flirt flirt
JohnRing51-55, M
I tend to give a lot of compliments which have been known to cause blushing.
taehyun18-21, F
show us your face and people will compliment like their life depends of it!
TonyNorwenglish36-40, C
We don't know anything about you, which makes it hard to flirt.

But as I'm kind of a veteran at it let me give it a shot.

Girl if I see you at comic con I'm definitely pulling out my "buster sword" 馃槇
Pawan26-30, M
Already many tried to do so
AFamiliarExistence22-25, M
Hey nice cosplay, but to be honest with you I think it might look better on my bedroom floor 馃槈

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I Love To Flirt And Be Flirted With
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