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I Love Summer

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Summer finally arrived in the 馃嚞馃嚙 uk
Lots of woman in very short shorts and skirts ,sexy sun dresses.
Bare midriffs , cleavage on show
That odd, eccentric British tradition of men wearing socks and sandals .
I love summer .
61-69, M
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Jun 24, 2018
Edited: 11 mths ago
daveal51-55, M
devonman61-69, M
Long may it continue. A week is good here . Lots of old guys in vests over pot bellies too . [@3938,daveal]
HotPizza46-50, M
No to socks...surely that looks been discarded
devonman61-69, M
[@7947,HotPizza] it looks ridiculous . It鈥檚 s British thing .
Uhohuhoh46-50, C
[image=]Me too. Mrs u will get the sundresses out!
Uhohuhoh46-50, C
Yes ! Let鈥檚 keep it going!
braveheart2161-69, M
[@11492,devonman] love her big tits ...and that cheeky smile ...
daveal51-55, M
[@11492,devonman] [@4498,Uhohuhoh] don't mind me, I am just enjoying your conversation.
polyandrym6661-69, MNudity
I like to see the shorter summer dresses like these:
braveheart2161-69, M
[@1473,polyandrym66] i have a feeling we aint the only ones lol
devonman61-69, M
polyandrym6661-69, M
[@11492,devonman] OH YESSS
Bushranger61-69, M
It's winter down here. I really miss summer and skimpy clothes lol
Uhohuhoh46-50, C
Any more?
RedWidow41-45, F

thats how i remember british summer
devonman61-69, M
[@424092,RedWidow] plenty of blokes with sun burn This weekend ! Batman or not ...
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I Love Summer
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Summer finally arrived in the 馃嚞馃嚙 uk Lots of woman... | I Love Summer | Similar Worlds