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I Like to Collect Quotes

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[b]"Above a certain age, everybody had been, at least once, put down by life and by our own mistakes.
Everybody, above a certain age, become more cautious and a bit esceptic.
Everybody had felt fear and stepped back, so when had no other choice as when was too tired for another fight.
But there is a worst risk, of wich we all should be aware.
When we embellish our cowardice and call it wisedom, that is when we are defeated"
- The Dreamer.
61-69, M
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Jun 2, 2019
Edited: 4 mths ago
Grateful4you · 61-69, M
I was once a caregiver to a 107 year old lady who had been the first woman curator of modern art at the Detroit Institude of Art. She shared this story about the Fords overheard at a board meeting.

Henry Ford to his son Edsel, "Edsel you're a DAMED FOOL!" Edsel responded back, "Father I'm a damned fool and I know it, but you're a damned fool and you DON'T know it" LOL
CharlieZ · 61-69, M
[@881002,Grateful4you] Great, great story, thank you for sharing it!
By September, in Montreal, one of my dearest former professors will celebrate his 100 birthay.
Still a lucid glory of Science.
Mario Bunge.
I hope to be there for him.
Grateful4you · 61-69, M
[@817347,CharlieZ] Sounds like a wonderful plan, hope you can be there too. "Hazel" was a howl with such a sense of humor. She loved to flirt with young men.

Once at a restaurant, we were served by a handsome waiter, I said to Hazel, "He is quite good looking isn't he Hazel?" she replied, "Yes dear, both coming and GOING" LOL

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