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Story Time

In my middle school days I would get in touch with several girls online in my quest to find a girlfriend. Most would contact me but if I saw one who fit my standards I knew I had to be the first. I've heard many things and made so much small talk and it was just this over and over. I only remember a few of any note. There was one who did drugs and was having sex which I recall rather forwardly telling she shouldn't. The messages ended at one point and that was the gist of things. I got someone who I wasn't sure of their gender but was willing to spin on my luck. This person would disappear a lot but you could almost count on them showing up months or years later. I think I killed that one out of more boredom than usual because it was like restarting every time. At least with others there was repertoire and a log of what was discussed.

More recently I had been doing this again. Get some hits but this time I was upfront about what I wanted so it could be more engaging. Connections dropped most of the time, was doing more chasing too. Well some girl I'd talked to messaged me and I wasn't able to get online but I did come back as soon as I could, probably within a year because I said it was because of school work. I was still up for talking and her message was a minor plea for me to come back so I told her all that. Nothing for six years. Contacts me again back in November. Real short message, gee wonder why. I suspect there may be another thing to be said of that too but let's stick with comfortable assumptions. I tell her the truth which is that I don't remember a single thing about her, citing the time span. Ask her a question about her current situation, maybe she's got something exciting to say since she's back suddenly. Haven't heard a thing.

You do this enough and it feels like you're a rebound. You are a convenience and you learn it so you don't invest as much. You're still there letting the line tug your toe cuz hey you might catch something. My youth was spent acquainting myself with people and it's just not a game I've got time for. I never needed much.

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