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I Write

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[i]Before I begin, this is fiction and written on the spot. I would appreciate any feedback you might have if you enjoy it.[/i]
[b]Chapter 1, Life's Twists[/b]
The darkness crept up on me as I sat on the dock looking out over the lake as the sun's rays disappeared. My eyes were open but unseeing, my cheeks wet from silent tears, my ears closed to the sound of the gentle breeze lapping the water and brushing the trees leaves. I did not hear my family carrying on up on the shore. I did not see the ripples in the water as the fish jumped. I just wished someone else was there with me to enjoy a moment that was lost on me because all I could feel was the lack, the emptiness. The peace that normally filled me with such a scene was gone because I could not see it.

Slowly I leaned forward and slipped into the water I let my head dip back and blew bubbles as I sank below the surface. There was peace, everything falling away as I slipped down into darkness. I could see the moonlight flickering on the water above me dimly. I watched it entranced as I felt my lungs start to scream, it was a welcome pain. I had often had breath holding competitions with my brother and then it was always so hard when the air was gone. But now it just seemed like that was the way it should be. I had been on this road a long time. I felt the weeds touch my back and then I was resting on the lake's bottom. The bubbles stopped leaving my lips and I just lay there.

All of a sudden I felt something grab me around my arm and neck and pull me upwards. The surface rushed up and I burst back into the air. Someone was holding me. My mind slowly climbed out of the fog. "What the hell were you doing?" I heard a harsh feminine whisper beside my ear. I felt the sandy shore beneath my back as she let go of me in the shallows resting on her elbow beside me. Her hand cupped my face, "You okay bud?" I glanced down, she was naked lying beside me in the shallow waters. "ummm, yes, I am fine. I must have drifted off."
"You are really lucky I saw you." then she saw my eyes and seemed to suddenly remember she wasn't wearing anything. She turned onto her stomach and slid back into the water until she was covered by its darkness. "I was skinny dipping when you fell in...kinda forgot. You are sure you are alright?"
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Nov 21, 2016
cheesymoon13 · 18-21, M
Very nice :)
sarabee1995 · 22-25, F
Wow. Powerful.

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Before I begin, this is fiction and written on the... | I Write | Similar Worlds