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I Play Piano

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Hi everyone.
The following video is of me playing the song "Innocence" (arranged by tehisther) from sword art online.

Without a doubt, it is the fasted, most fun, most exciting piece I have ever played. While the recording for this video is a little rough, and I make a mistake here and there, I am honored to be able to share this with you.

So, if you've got two minutes to spare, check this out. I promise I won't disappoint. :)
18-21, M
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Oct 11, 2015
DaveTheMedic · 18-21, M
Thanks :)
You're welcome.
Pretty impressive.
Wow that's such a pretty piece!! You're an amazing pianist I'm jealous
If only I could play
Ya well I have no money
No piano
And I have short fat fingers
DaveTheMedic · 18-21, M
People give away pianos for free on sites like Craigslist and used(areaName) all the time.
The only downside is that they probably suck and you have to move them yourself.

It's not impossible though :) If you get a job and save up, you can also get good electronic pianos for around 500$.
DaveTheMedic · 18-21, M
Also, there are kids age 7 who can play really well, and they have SUPER small fingers, so definitely don't worry about that :)
Now, do swordland from animenz.
DaveTheMedic · 18-21, M
Oh, like the lid... stand I guess?
Well, regardless, hopefully you find a way to fix it. Btw, if you've got a youtube channel, link me to it and I'll sub you.

Anyways, good luck with Hikaru nara!
haha I don't :p still haven't finished yet

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I Play Piano
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Hi everyone. The following video is of me playing... | I Play Piano | Similar Worlds