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I Think Being Barefoot Is The Best Way To Be

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How's everyone's Easter going? Barefoot I hope! I've been barefoot since Thursday evening and I will not be wearing any footwear until I'm back to work tomorrow. 
Good Friday saw me out in a market town was very sunny and the cool stone cobbles felt fantastic under bare soles, went into a few shops and a pub with ease. 
Saturday I had to go do some last minute shopping down the local home store and supermarket. I was as always anxious going to the supermarket barefoot but all worked out fine and I loved the soothing cool tiles. 
Sunday well I just chilled and went for a nice walk in the nearby woods, the sunlight peering through trees and the warm dirt underneath my bare soles was wonderful. 
Today! Well just another relaxing day, might go on another walk. I'm out for a meal this evening which I will be barefoot for aswell.
26-30, M
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Apr 22, 2019
nudydude · 56-60, M
very similar for me
been barefoot and naked most of the holiday
Ross19 · 26-30, M
[@6557,nudydude] Just great!
nudydude · 56-60, M
[@69899,Ross19] good for you also
Fungirlmmm · 46-50, F
Naked and barefoot
nudydude · 56-60, M
[@1433,Fungirlmmm] good for you

Bare Hugs
Ross19 · 26-30, M
[@1433,Fungirlmmm] Just excellent. The best way to spend sunny weekends
Pauly · 61-69, M
Other than my time at church and then brunch, I spent the day barefoot and naked, which is the way I spend most of my days!
nudydude · 56-60, M
[@592272,Pauly] happy retirement. Of course I usually strip off in the car right after work. hee hee 🤭
Ross19 · 26-30, M
[@592272,Pauly] That is the best way to spend sunny days.
nudydude · 56-60, M
[@69899,Ross19] very true
Barefooter25 · 41-45, M
I walked barefoot on a tightrope on Saturday. The rope was only a foot off the ground & tied to two trees. I only walked a few inches from the tree before landing on the ground.
Surely barefoot! I'm barefoot all year round, but this eastern it was extraordinary beautyful to walk barefoot in the wonderful nature, enjoying the sun and the warm weather.

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I Think Being Barefoot Is The Best Way To Be
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