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I Have Wife Sharing Fantasies

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My husband arranged for a wife sharing experience when I shared my fantasy of being into such. To be honest I never thought he would arrange a guy and I told him only because I wanted to be open with him, hiding nothing. I wasn't really looking into being a part of it honestly, but this guy he arranged was charming and good looking and I thought since it's arranged by my husband only, it wouldn't do any harm to our marriage. He visited us everyday after work along with Varun to get with me well, I guess, to get rid of my shyness. He would give me sexy hugs and touches. Until the day came when he locked the bed room while I was inside (folding clothes into the wardrobe) and Varun was in the living room. I knew that this was the day.I was blooming with shyness, After some fore play we both were naked with the lights on and the windows open, when he was about to insert, I shrugged off. I couldn't let him in. I told him so and he worked on some more time on foreplay advising that I might not be in the mood. But still I couldn't let him in. To be honest this was just a fantasy that was in my mind and it wasn't a fantasy that I really wanted to come true. He was a bit angry at this, sad too, devastated. I felt sorry for making him look forward for this.
Varun was sitting in the couch while I opened the door and walked to him naked. I told him I couldn't do it. He said sorry to the other guy who cursed us and left. I stripped Varun naked and we made out on the couch.
31-35, C
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May 23, 2020
Fishing65 · 51-55, M
Lucky husband
Varun · 31-35, C
[@8801,Fishing65] He was happy though that the guy didn't f*&k me.
Fishing65 · 51-55, M
[@707591,Varun] I imagine so if I was your husband I would be greedy too
Firecat33 · 61-69, M
Good job! Your absolutely right. It takes one to make a decision, but it takes two to make it a solid one. If your not into it, don't do it.
You know in the future you might reconsider that offer! 😉
nudydude · 56-60, M
wow that is some story. It is funny how we fantasize about something, but when reality hits, we change our minds

Bare Hugs
SilkandLace2 · 41-45, M
yeah, sometimes the reality isn't as great as the fantasy; good for you dear!!
Quimliqer · 61-69, M
When the rubber hits the road, the world suddenly looks different!! You were only following your heart...
Powermax · 46-50, M
The next time when you find yourself in a similar situation ( which you will); make sure hubby is same room. Weather he just watches or joins in, do as a couple.
Varun · 31-35, C
[@1108096,Powermax] Yes, it's a good option.

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I Have Wife Sharing Fantasies
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