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I Met Someone Online

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[b][b]FIRST & LAST[/b]

[b]We flew to the same city, not intentionally...just by chance. Nothing special to meet-up, only that we're in the same area.

I didn't regret the brief encounter. I kissed a man & I liked it!
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Jan 29, 2019
Edited: 4 mths ago
Overwatch641-45, M
Been there. Still keep in touch 馃憤
[@811673,Overwatch6] I decided not to keep in touch.
Very nice encounter. :)
[@73351,marsbar] It was!
Geezus whatta way to end an evening. 馃槥
[@330445,Danez] It's not an evening. Afternoon. 馃き
[@330445,Danez] have you met anyone here for real?
Those brief encounters can be rewarding and enjoyable even just handshake or a kiss , unfortunately not in touch with the lady I meet she has breast cancer and I don't hear from her anymore and living in different states doesn't help
[@740983,warnbrobeachlover1] No kissing? Very harmless encounter.
[@871789,1DrinkMargarita] Oh yes of course lol
[@740983,warnbrobeachlover1] memorable kiss, is it?
SW User
Sorry I didn鈥檛 make the flight 鉁堬笍. Can we reschedule 馃槒
SW User
馃槼. I knew it . That鈥檚 why you had chapped lips again . 馃槡. Maybe I was kissing someone else too 馃槤. Lol [@871789,1DrinkMargarita]
[@830194,MagicalMysteryTours] LOL.
SW User
Haha. 馃お[@871789,1DrinkMargarita]
river5261-69, M
[@8512,river52] Lol...why?
river5261-69, M
[@871789,1DrinkMargarita] how could he leave you like that
[@8512,river52] work beckoned. We just met. That's why no more second time. I preferred it that way.
Sinnerwithaheart51-55, F
Those unexpected encounters are the best.
[@210552,Sinnerwithaheart] true. Unplanned builds more excitement.
Sinnerwithaheart51-55, F
[@871789,1DrinkMargarita] Yes it does.
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