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I Like Learning New Things

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Do we shape our thoughts or Our thoughts shape us ?
I have been asking myself this question and have discussed it with few people , and After hearing some opinions and read some other opinions talking about that topic I came to conclusion that helped me to find the answer .
We are the boss , we are the entity , we are the spirit , the source, the energy, so we have a mind . Out minds are like thought factory , we command our mind to generate thoughts. Our thoughts are produced via our values , what we think is valuable to us , so in order or priory .. values, choice , thoughts , believes , when one continuous used the same habited thoughts , eventually the thought becomes the entity and uses the mind , and both empower each other .
22-25, F
4 replies
Aug 7, 2018
Edited: 5 mths ago
funfan · M
That is so brilliant that I must simply read it again.
Montanaman · 56-60, M
We are beings of explicit energy.
And within that energy is our heart, not just a mere mechanical pump mind y, but an organ capable of feeling amazing emotions.
And our brain, a super computer that even the savy tecnogeeks, cannot fathom the complexity of possibilities.
The human stain.
Exhibiter100000 · 56-60, M
Very well spoken. Thanks for sharing
LittlePurple · 22-25, F
You are welcome ![@517824,Exhibiter100000]
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I Like Learning New Things
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