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I Love to Write

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Capricorn in Aquarius - Part Two

I brooded over my homework that night, seeing the questions and problems in the books and sheets without really getting them.

Take me over to Aunt Wendy's! I couldn't face that indignity.

Aunt Wendy had changed - and not for the better - after Grandma died. She was super-strict and an almost fanatic about rules and regulations. She was a stern grandmother to Holly's son Jordan, and told her daughter she was "too indulgent" to him and said he was "half-spoiled".

Holly had moved in with her mother after she divorced her skirt-chasing husband, but she swiftly found out that she was no longer the loving, patient parent she had grown up with. She got tired of coming home from work and finding Jordan over her knee or sitting in the corner, although she was an excellent babysitter and convenience for herself. She moved out of her mother's old house and moved into Grandma's house - it had been left to her in her will. Now, Jordan didn't see his grandmother except for babysitting chores when Holly left for work in the morning. I had long made up my mind that when I got married and had children, I would raise them just like Holly was raising her son now - with no Aunt Wendy in evidence.

I chewed my pencil eraser. I avoided my Aunt Wendy as much as possible after the personality change, but I loved my cousin and looked up to her. I was secretly overjoyed when she moved out on her own. Now I was being threatened with MY moving in with her!

Oh, no. Never that. I was secretive about my personal things and didn't want my aunt going through my things and reporting me to Mom. Not that I had anything to hide, but who knew what Aunt Wendy would find? Hopefully, not my blue topaz ring...

...still underneath my bed, hidden out of sight, for now.

(To Be Continued.)
61-69, F
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Mar 16, 2019
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