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I Love Fashion

Talking to a female friend about fashion and she’s telling me she has to shop in person because she never knows if something i going to fit.
And that a size 12 in some places is a size 24 in others.

she says that no standard exist except for ridiculously tiny women.

and I’m just sitting here, son of a mainframer thinking again about how lacking any common size standards has really crippled the industry.

I have never really cared about fashion all that much and got policed for being unfashionable quiet a lot as a kid so I’m only marginally attached to this and very much so an outsider but The Internet could have changed fashion in the same way it disrupted and influenced video games in that it was suddenly possible to buy things you could never find in a local store. I remember how my sister found the obscure game princess tomato in the salad kingdom that you could never find at retail because of the internet

but essentially it’s like unless women are so thin that most cannot live up to the standard that essentially to shop for clothing you HAVE to do it in person because you never know when something is going to fit.

Which BTW if you’re an aspiring fashion designer this should piss you off.

because honestly it’s hurting the whole indusry, it’s cramping sales and it’s forcing you to essentially pay for expens3ive department stores to cater to customers in person.

also if you care about the planet it’s far better for a fleet of trucks to deliver clothing to people’s doors than people to have to take a thousand cars to one store to buy clothing.

The fact that sizes differ from store to store is a form of madness.

I am one of the people who finds those obsessed with or consumed with fashion to be shallow and vacant but of course Every business has a rational to cut down expenses and to try to sell as wide as possible and so this is essentially an industry which has a good reason to listen to my feedback.

You are shooting yourselves in the foot people. You want more sales? you want to not have to maintain a retail store? Not have to pay people to keep it clean? air conditoning for your employees etc?

The best way to get from here to there is for the industry to come together and agree on a size standard for ALL Women, even the big ones.

I CAN Shop online for my clothing, why can't women?

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