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Chronessa-A LoveSong

Sweet fairy of the hourglass
Charmed mermaid of the clepsydra
Star child of the orrery
Blessed angel of the sundial
Thou hath drugged me with the perfumes
Of every flower ever bloomed
And every flower yet unborn
The ambrosias of paradise
Which are your aura and queendom both
Floating together in pink and purple clouds
To merge and form the ephemeral now
The eternal present, the infinite moment
In which you dance, God's first and only princess
Beneath the light of whirling zodiacs
Then, evanescent to the touch
Dissipate just like the time
Of which you are the goddess of
Chronessa, beautied Cherub of Love
I follow you on a rainbow Chinvat bridge
Through space, forever hypnotized
By your hourglass cheekbones and deja vu eyes
The faces of Venus and Ishtar combined
'Tis you who makes memories worth recalling
'Tis you who makes the future worth waiting for
'Tis you who makes time eternal, because
'Tis you who makes the present beautiful
And worth existing in forevermore...

Chronessa-A DeathSong

O fairies of the hourglass
O mermaids of the clepsydra
O seraphs of the orrery
O sweet chroniades tanning your thighs
'Round sundials with phalluses for gnomons
Thou hath drugged me with the perfumes of the past
The scent of every flower ever bloomed
And the taste of futures yet to come
The ambrosias of utopia
That float together like pink and purple clouds
To gently merge and form the aphrodesiac
Ephemera which is the now, the eternal present
The infinite moment, the panmorphic nanosecond
In which God's princess kisses me
Beneath the light of suspended zodiacs
Then, evanescent to the touch
Dissipates like tantric orgasm
And leaves me paralyzed with unrequited love
Beneath the morning stars I wake
Once more the cycles turn
While spirits die and reincarnate
While galaxies are extinguished and black holes explode
And in Her bright and flowing wake
Of deja vu and prophecy
I follow like starchild lost
On a Chinvat bridge of hope and melancholia
Praying for Her love
And when She turns around and whispers "No"
I march with broken heart through space
And slit my wrists upon the edge of time
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May 11, 2018

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