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I Am From The Millennial Generation
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We might not be Owed Anything, but we'll take what we want by FORCE anyways.

cunning fox here, it was easy. My Darling Sister is the only one in this household that doesn't collect her free checks from the government and my mother's ipad stored her social security number on it.

So I was easily able to just use to create a Robinhood account and start investing while concealing my earnings from the Social Security Administration.

This was testified to on Express VPN, Corporate Fuck you VPNS, the logs will never be traced back to my Real IP address As i'm testifying before you on social media about this.

big sister found out, but she'll never tell the popos because she hates the police just like me and knows mom would just get me a good lawyer to defend me.

i'd plead the 5th and stare at the wall as they interviewed me scream lawyer and then assert my right to remain silent.

bring a good suit to show up in the court smile at them.

Hopefully you can see how telling me i'm not "owed anything" enrages me and just makes me smash and grab more.

I'm Owed whatever the hell I can get my hands on and you can't stop me from taking.

deal with it, bitch.


I'm a teacher so I'm supposed to spout the same platitudes you've heard a million times before; cheaters don't prosper, it's not whether you win or loose it's how you play the game. Well this may not be approved curriculum but guess what? Winning DOES matter, cheaters DO prosper. I used to run a business importing Irish crystal and let me tell you what happens when you don't pay off the right people or get creative with your accounting - you don't stay in business very long! Try telling the truth on your loan application - you won't get one!

This is a result oriented city. That (hot) girl doesn't care about how that (fat) guy got where he is - all she cares about is where he is (in a sports car). Do you think Bill Gates fired the people who stole Apple's operating program? He probably promoted them! Do you think he'd ever send his kids to a Chicago public school? Hahaha!

They call this place a public school, it used public money, but what it is is a private school operating within the public school system. You get to go here if your parents know how to work the system. Maybe they don't even live in the city limits, so they keep a mail drop in Bucktown. They lie about your address, your income, your ethnicity..."-Dr. Gerard Plecki[/quote]



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