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I Think Christianity Has Serious Problems

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It’s interesting when a die hard fundamentalist Christian tells you that any other beliefs / deities are just demons or Satan’s lies.

However the Norse Prophecy before Ragnarök, Loki is banished from Asgaard to Midgaard (Earth) where his presence increases treachery amongst humanity. Teaching people lies, to turn on one another, to inflict chaos, to live without honor.

All this time Christians are claiming that Jesus is the way but little do they realize they are probably being deceived by Loki who is in disguise as Jesus as Loki is a trickster and a shape shifter.

So this whole “ you’re being deceived by Satan” shtick is actually them being deceived by Loki...

Just food for thought.
26-30, M
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Jan 13, 2020
calicuz · 51-55, M
The only thing to remember is only the evilest people go to hell and everybody else, no matter who, go to Heaven.
What religion has problems >>>>>>>>>>>[image=][image=]
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
And yet the Vikings who conquered England converted to Christianity. Hmmmmm.
All of this modern from paganism. I mean it's all myth and mixed and matched and that is what is is.

Could be true what your examples point to..

but I will say this...when reality is bifurcated[image=]..sooner or later one side becomes the other. Good/evil and right/ the real world are fluid..what matters is the cycle and the bifurcation.
froggtongue · 36-40, M
Well, okay. But if Jesus is teaching good things like being kind to one another, is that a bad thing? Just some food for thought.
TakingBackMidgard · 26-30, M
[@7558,froggtongue] History sure seems to show us that Jesus is one of history’s leading causes of death.
froggtongue · 36-40, M
[@958504,TakingBackMidgard] depends on where you stop the pointer. You could say life is the leading cause. Or the Big Bang was.
TakingBackMidgard · 26-30, M
[@7558,froggtongue] people are not killing each other over the Big Bang though. Their not killing each other in the name of the Big Bang
SamtheDog · M
"Religion poisons everything"

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I Think Christianity Has Serious Problems
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It’s interesting when a die hard fundamentalist Ch... | I Think Christianity Has Serious Problems | Similar Worlds