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I Am Best Friends With My Best Friend

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I have had plenty of good friends but no one like you, seeing your smile is the best part of my day like its amazing. You have super powers as well cuz, the truth is you make everything so much better when I get to talk to you. Its like being in the deep shadows and then you come and take me to the light place. You are amazing and one of a kind I know I keep saying that but how can I not say that when its the truth. When you smile its like, you carry the sun in your smile because you bright so much when you do. What I wanna say is that I would TRULY TRULY give my life for you and I mean it. I will take any torture for you I will take any punishment for you I will die in the most graphic way to make sure you are safe and happy. If you would ever need my heart I will give it to you, if you need my brain I will give it to you. If you need my life I want you to know I will give it to you. Your my special someone and I will not let anyone hurt you because I care and love you so much. Your my best friend and I will carry you all the time. I will make sure to keep you safe and keep you happy. Plus when I see your eyes they shine like the beautiful stars that you have. Like everything about you is incredible and I mean EVERYTHING like your an angel to came down to earth to save someone from a dark place. Your the most special and amazing friend I have ever met like you mean the world to me and I'm not lying, your the best girl and always will be the best girl in the whole world no matter what people say, you are someone I couldn't live without because I would die if you weren't in my life I really would and you mean so much to me like no other person in this world.
22-25, M
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Aug 3, 2017
Sela1095 Ā· 22-25, F
Hey there strangeršŸ™‚ you must really like this girl, dang well i hope she sees that you have all these feelings for her! Just remember everything happens for a reasonā˜ŗ
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I Am Best Friends With My Best Friend
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I have had plenty of good friends but no one like ... | I Am Best Friends With My Best Friend | Similar Worlds